Old Fashioned, Country Style Wedding Ideas

Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu Ideas for Every Season

Let your wedding catering take a cue from the seasons with our favorite menu ideas for every season… Spring Wedding Menu Ideas Summon the taste of spring with light flavors and delicate textures In Season -...
Wedding Planning

Checklist For Planning Your Most Perfect Wedding Day

Congratulations, you've identified the ideal guy or girl and you've settled on the date. Here's a list of to dos to help you plan your ideal day. Good luck and congratulations! 9 to 12...

Wow Guests with Original Wedding Reception Touches

Most brides have a vision of a beautifully decorated and themed wedding reception. Luckily, it is easy to achieve the wedding décor you see in your mind's eye with a few easy and inexpensive...

Something Old Something New

Whether you're eloping, having a small intimate wedding ceremony or going all out with all the bells and whistles, some brides still hold on to old traditions, like "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed,...

Ten Tips to Proposing

If your summer looks anything like mine, then your calendar is packed with weddings. Don’t get me wrong, weddings are great and as a married man myself, my wedding was the single greatest day...

Hire a Powder Room Attendant

Want to make your wedding more memorable? Think of one little gesture that you can do for your guests. Why not invest in something like a Powder Room Attendant to provide a little pep-up...

Honey and The Honeymoon

Tying the knot takes a lot of planning. From finding the perfect gown to deciding the guest list and picking the honeymoon destination, the "to do" list is long. Did you know that the...
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Ideas for Natural and Organic Wedding Favors

With the developing trend to 'green' up our lives and make far more ethical, eco-friendly lifestyle choices, a lot of brides are wanting to plan a green wedding, including wedding favors from an eco-friendly...
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Beautiful Yellow Wedding Bouquets

Yellow is the most cheerful of all the colors, which makes it a natural addition to a happy occasion like a wedding. Whether it is light and sunny or warm and rich, yellow will...
Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple is a beautiful color for your wedding. You could choose a pale lavender, bright purple, aubergine, dark gray, plum or a hint of purple. There are all sorts of flowers available to suit...
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Planning a Country Western Wedding

Want to break away from the usual wedding? Want a little more country spice added to your life? Cowboy hats and cowboy boots, what better way to celebrate then breaking out some good old...
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Country Wedding Favors

If you are planning to use a country theme for your wedding, you will find the selection of country wedding favors to range from traditional to the unexpectedly elegant. When searching for country wedding...
Wedding Shower

An Old Fashioned Wedding Shower

Nowadays when you are invited to a wedding or baby shower it is often held at a restaurant or catering hall. Considering the guest list this sometimes seems the best way to accommodate the...
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Use Potpourri to Carry Blessings at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Flowers are amazing thing. As with many amazing things in life, too often we stick with the popular and ignore former traditions or modern take-offs. Sure, they're beautiful, but why not let flowers work...

Let Your Wedding Flowers Speak the Language of Love

Congratulations! You have found the man of your dreams and are getting married. What a wonderful time in your life – full of promise, hope, and happiness. Can you think of a better way...