Goat Willow Tree History and Facts

Goat willow is a deciduous tree. It can be found in hedgerows, woodlands and scrub as well as damp, open grounds such as beside streams, canals and lakes.

Grow Your Own Orange Tree

Have you ever thought about growing your own orange tree? Well, the process is not actually that tough and just about anyone can do it.

What are The Best Lemon Trees to Plant in My Yard?

Aside from the health benefits, lemon trees are also very beneficial in making your home and garden a better place.

The History of The Pecan Tree

Pecan trees, Carya illinoinensis, grow in natural groves in bottom lands near rivers or lakes with nearby periodic overflowing water. Archeological remains and fossil evidence reveals that pecans were collected and stored by Indians, the original settlers and inhabitants of America, and the group now

Healing Trees – From Shade to First Aid Kit

Willow trees are known for some great foliage, and maple trees have gorgeous leaves in the Fall. Most people associate licorice with candy... but they all have another life.

Medicine in Your Shrubbery

Many of us have ornamental bushes and shrubs. Most just look nice, but some can heal and others can kill. Which do you have?

Tree Cutting Techniques

Cutting down a tree isn't as simple as just whacking away at it with an ax. There are specific techniques that need to be followed in order to preserve the wood and ensure the safety of the people cutting down the tree.

History of Plum Trees and Their Hybrids

Luther Burbank contributed more toward improving and hybridizing plum trees of different species than any other person in history.

History of Pine Trees

Pine trees throughout the world, have, since the beginning of time, been a key factor in the advancement of man kind.

History of Apple Trees

Growing these apple tree products could be eaten fresh or could be dried and preserved in many different ways to eat at a later time.

History of The Cherry Tree

There are only a few instances in the ancient historical record concerning cherry trees. This absence in the record perhaps resulted in the fragile nature and perishability of the fruit, unlike the fruit from the apple tree.

How to Grow Apple Trees from Seed

Have you ever tried to grow apple trees from seeds collected from an apple? It certainly makes good sense that they would germinate.
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