Grow Your Own Orange Tree

Grow Your Own Orange Tree

Have you ever thought about growing your own orange tree? Well, the process is not actually that tough and just about anyone can do it. All you need is a few supplies, a slightly green thumb, and a little patience. This article will identify the steps for growing an orange tree on your own from nothing but the seeds. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to being able to harvest your own oranges for making juice, jam, or whatever it is you want to make.

The first step of growing an orange tree is to gather your seeds from an orange and immediately start the planting process. If you wait to long, the seeds will not be any good and you’ll simply be wasting your time. The best germination method, in my opinion, is the soil method. To use the soil method, fill a plastic container or cup with potting soil and plant the seeds ½ inch below the surface. Make sure that the container has drainage holes so that excess water may be drained. Water the seeds just enough to make the soil damp, but not so much that the soil becomes over soaked. Cover the container with plastic, store it in a warm place, and keep the seeds moist until they sprout. Sunlight is not necessary until this occurs.

When the seeds have sprouted, move the plastic container to a sunny area, remove the plastic, and continue to water the seeds as needed. As the plant continues to grow you may want to transplant it to a bigger container or pot in order to provide enough room for it to grow even more. Continue to water in order to keep the soil moist and don’t allow it to dry out.

Your orange tree will continue to grow and grow until it is big enough to produce its own fruit. When this occurs you’ll be able to harvest the oranges and make juice, jam, syrup, or any other kind of treat that you wish. The orange tree is quite delicate in its younger stages so be sure to pay close attention to the way it is growing and how much water and sunlight it is getting. If you see that your tree is leaning a little too far to one side, you’ll need to anchor it and force it to balance out by applying pressure, causing it to lean the opposite direction. From this experience you’ll begin to better understand that a little time and dedication spent on your part will help you grow a wonderful orange tree that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years.

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