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Holiday Gift Ideas for The DIYer

The holidays are here and for the do-it-yourselfer who always has a list of 'to-do' projects to tackle, a new tool makes a great gift.

Secrets of Building a Great Gift Basket

Giving a great gift basket is like bestowing a buffet of gifts on your loved one, and when the well-put-together gift basket is opened, well, that's a magical moment. Here's some advice for putting together a gift basket that will charm any recipient.

15 Creative Gift Basket Ideas for Men

Creating your own baskets to give as gifts is really easy and fun. You can save money by making them yourself instead of buying them from a trendy store. You could also start a home based gift basket business. You only need a few simple supplies to get started.

Make Your Own Theme Gift Baskets

Personalized theme gift baskets are a great way to brighten up the day of someone special. If you’ve always wanted to know how to...

Fun for Kids And Moms – Throw a Teddy Bear Party

A fun teddy bear party is not a difficult thing to pull of with a little creativity and some things that you can find...

Sleepover Party Crafts

Sleepovers are always so much fun because you get to see all of your friends at once. You get to stay up late and...

Home Made Gifts: The Best Way to Teach Your Kids The Value of The Holiday

It is important to remind the children about the true meaning of the season. This can be done, to some extent, by helping them to build their own gifts to give to others, and teaching them what the true value of a gift is.

Make Gift Wrapping Paper With Kids

Making your own wrapping paper is a fun activity that children or adults can do. With some creativity you can create gift wrap that...

30 Kid Party Favors for Pennies

Kids party favors needn't be costly, just a simple remembrance of the good time guests had at your child's party. Each of these party...

How to Make Pomanders

In the tradition of the Victorians and Royalty alike, pomanders were used to mask odors. The sweet smelling scent will fill your home with...
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