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Spring Ingredient Profile: Asparagus

Our guide to all things asparagus complete with tons of asparagus recipes will have you cooking like its Spring in no time!

Spring Pea Soup

A first-course pea soup would be a healthful as well as delicious way to celebrate spring.

Spring Recipe You Can Make for Lunch

Whet your appetite and see what you can whip up for lunch with this simple and delicious sandwich.

A Modern Take on The Classic Finger Sandwich

Take this fresh twist on the traditional chicken salad sandwich, which boasts more fibre, protein and other nutrients – in addition to a great taste.

Korean-style Short Ribs

Take this finger-licking-good recipe for Korean-style short ribs, which is low in sodium and could fit a kidney-friendly diet. If you’re looking to cut back on beef, you can substitute pork tavern ribs, pork side ribs or pork back ribs. Whatever meat you choose, serve with steamed jasmine or basmati rice and enjoy.

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Cauliflower Pizza

Want a healthier twist on a takeout favourite? Try this nutritious and delicious spin with cauliflower pizza, for those nights when you want a treat that’s as good for you as it tastes.

Winter Fruit Mostarda

This Italian inspired recipe is the ultimate homemade condiment, perfect for serving alongside chicken and other meats.

Chili Skillet Mac

Have the best of both worlds; hearty and comforting meals. Try this simple and fun spin on two family favorites.

Healthy Cupcakes for a Colorful Snack

A healthy bite combining the creaminess of avocados from Mexico with the energizing flavors of a piña colada

Mexi-Canadian Poutine with Veggies and Avocados

Our favourite French-Canadian comfort food got a serious healthy makeover…made in Mexico. This delicious dish can be turned into something nutritious as well, without compromising on taste.

The Art of Making Cappuccino

As you know, a cappuccino is an espresso prepared with steamed and frothed milk. There are many delightful ways to make cappuccino, but you should first learn how to make a perfect espresso. Your knowledge and skill, your beans and your machine all greatly affect the quality of the coffee you make.

Flour Power – Nine Flours to Health

Traditionally flour was made with whole grains put through a stone grinding mill. The resulting flour was a coarse, brown flour that had retained the bran and a much higher level of vitamins, fibre and beneficial oils than the commercial product we know today. The following nine health flours each has its correct application, and health qualities.
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