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Egg Recipe

Hand-Tossed Pizza with Eggs

Working under the system of supply management, egg farmers have invested in new technologies and innovative farming practices over the last decades to reduce their environmental footprint by 50 per cent, while increasing their...
Mushroom Enchiladas

Mushroom Enchiladas

This dish a great beginner recipe for those new to the kitchen and Mexican cuisine. More “Tex Mex” than Mexican, it’s easy to make and can be filled with a variety of ingredients. An enchilada...

Dill Pickled Eggs

This dill pickled egg recipe is a great way to store eggs for up to 4 months in the refrigerator. It also tastes great! Eat as is, or chop up to make a dill egg salad.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blanching

Blanching which is a popular technique is now widely used in the kitchen as a cooking method. Maybe you are a little confused and have some questions about blanching.
Green Tea

Green Tea Blends – Create Your Own

You don't need to buy expensive green tea blends. You can stock your pantry with a basic green tea and flavor it to suit your mood. Try one of these flavor combinations or make...
Chicken Recipe

Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry

Weight loss is not as simple as “energy in, energy out.” It can be affected by factors beyond our control, like age, health conditions, certain medications and genetics. In shifting your focus away from weight...
Types of Apples

Types of Apples Used for Cooking

Individuals have consumed apples for hundreds of years already and until now, the ancestor of today's apples are still being grown in Kazakhstan where it first came from. This kind of apple is green...

How to Freeze and Use Frozen Broccoli

Freezing broccoli will enable you to have this delicious vegetable on the table long after the season has ended.
Tex-Mex Sorghum Chili

Tex-Mex Sorghum Chili

This chili relies upon the flavorful combination of hearty whole grain sorghum, black beans, corn, peppers, onions, celery and seasonings.
Vegan Romesco Rotini

Vegan Romesco Rotini

This take on romesco, a Spanish sauce made with roasted red peppers and finely chopped nuts, is ultra-smooth and creamy thanks to the plant-based roasted red pepper cashew dip.
Top Kitchen Tips from Anna Olson

Top Kitchen Tips from Anna Olson

Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the change in season by refreshing your kitchen. Canadian celebrity chef Anna Olson recommends three tips for all of spring’s culinary possibilities. Out with the old....
Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods

Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods: Which Is The Better Method for Long Term Survival...

Everyone is different, and each person has their own personal tastes and preferences. With that in mind, there are a few things to consider before making a decision between freeze-dried or dehydrated food.
Making The Perfect Cup of Tea

Making The Perfect Cup of Tea

The 19th Century British Statesman William Gladstone once said of tea: "If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will...

Hug in a Mug Cake

I must warn you that once you read this article you will have the ability to produce a small, individual serving of delicious chocolate cake from scratch in less than 10 minutes.
Four Way Hummus

Four Way Hummus

Let a basic four ingredient chickpea hummus guide you down the path to other easy hummus recipes.