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Health and Natural Remedies

How to Make Calendula Healing Oil and Calendula Healing Balm

These herbs specifically benefit your skin and hair by improving skin hydration and lubrication, by calming and soothing redness.

Gum Disease and Over-All Health

Recent medical research has linked gum disease (periodontal disease) to over-all health. Researchers now believe that gum disease may be related to serious health complications including heart disease and stroke.

Make Your Own Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Most people buy waterless hand sanitizers but did you know you can make your own natural hand sanitizer for a fraction of the cost? It's easy and you may even have all the ingredients at home already.

Herbal Virus Killer – Echinacea

Echinacea is truly a miracle herb to fight flu virus and other infections.

Kitchen Remedies – Oregano

Oregano is not just for Pizza anymore. It has healing qualities you would never imagine.

Menopausal Years – The Wise Woman Way

Menopause, like puberty, is a period of transition and metamorphosis. It consists of three stages: isolation, melt down, and emergence.

6 Super Foods to Add to the Daily Diet

A healthy and well-balanced diet can benefit from a kitchen stocked with a variety of super foods rich in disease-fighting nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants. Plus, many of these healthy foods are delicious and low in calories.

6 Healthy Foods to Eat for People with Kidney Disease

Eating a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables is certain to benefit people suffering with kidney disease.

4 Useful Tips to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Here are four of the most popular remedies to get the nose clear.

Essential Oils for The Winter and Cold

When combining these oils in the following recipe it can help combat bronchial infection, sinus infection, throat infection and viral, lung and bacterial infections which will help you quickly get back to good health.

14 Ways to Relax without Alcohol or Food

You can't remove stress from daily life, but you can learn to deal with it without creating more troubles. Start with these ideas for relaxing without alcohol or food.

Benefits of Switching to a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are gaining popularity with women these days, and if you haven’t tried one yet, it may be time to consider the switch.
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