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Pantry Basics

Types of Apples Used for Cooking

Individuals have consumed apples for hundreds of years already and until now, the ancestor of today's apples are still being grown in Kazakhstan where...

Four Way Hummus

Let a basic four ingredient chickpea hummus guide you down the path to other easy hummus recipes.

Roasted Ratatouille Vegetable Dip

This dip is packed with vegetables and can be used to intensify the flavor of sandwiches or wraps, and is a great compliment to your fresh vegetable crudité platter.

Watermelon Cranberry Sauce

Just when you though cranberry sauce could not learn a few new tricks...it surprises you. Adding watermelon to this holiday dish will put a...

How to Replace Eggs in Vegan Baking

How to substitute eggs, or parts of eggs needed for baking in a vegan diet.

Herbal Extracts are Easy to Make in Your Kitchen

Herbal extracts are made from herbs and alcohol. Alcohol has the effect of removing essential oils from the plant material and releasing them into...

What is Proofing The Yeast?

Some recipes, usually from older sources, call for a proofing step in the process of making bread. Before the modern ways of commercially producing yeast were figured out, it was necessary to check the activeness of the yeast before using it in a recipe to make bread. If the yeast was not active, the bread would not rise.

The Noble Bay Leaf from Kitchen to Craft

The Bay tree is long known for its use in wreaths crowning the victorious. Its very name, Laurus nobilis, means 'renowned laurel'. A beautiful tree indigenous to the Mediterranean and Asia Minor, it is now cultivated and grown in any temperate climate. An excellent container plant, it can be handy for cooking at any time. The strong leaves are beautiful for wreathes and other craft projects.

Preserving Basil – Harvest Basil Now for Year Round Enjoyment

Preserving basil is an easy process that can be achieved in a number of ways; by drying, freezing, salting or in an oil base....

How to Cook with a Charcoal Barbeque

While gas and electric grills have their advantages, cooking with a charcoal grill can deliver the best classic flame-broiled flavor. It can take a...

Watermelon Pineapple Salsa

Give your typical salsa a delightful upgrade by adding watermelon and pineapple, which are both good sources of Vitamin C, an antioxidant that can help boost immunity.

DIY – Infused Olive Oils

Herb-infused olive oil can be used for cooking, salad dressings and marinades as well as a condiment to coat your food with delicious notes of herbs, citrus, garlic or spices.
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