Caring for Heirlooms in Your Closet

Wedding dresses, christening gowns, and other heirloom garments can mean a lot to us, representing important occasions in our lives. It may be a...

Homesteading life

Facts About Sheep Behavior to Help You Raise Sheep Easily

Sheep are prey animals with a strong gregarious instinct, and a majority of sheep behaviors can be understood in these conditions. All sheep maintain...

How to Feed Chickens

If you are reading this article you are here for help on what to feed your chickens, well don't stress too much, because it is fairly simple.

Herbs to Keep Backyard Chickens Healthy

Nutrition plays a large role in the health of young chicks and laying hens. By setting up ways for your chickens to access a...

Family and Pets

10 Foods Your Dog Should Not Eat

Humans have both an extreme strength and an extreme weakness when it comes to loving their pets. Dog owners in particular are known for...

The Diaper Debacle: A History from Hides to Huggies

For thousands of years parents have struggled with the diaper debacle. How to contain, manage, and dispose of the bodily excretions of their little...

Aromatherapy for Animals, Part 2: Stress-Relieving Holistic Blends for Dogs

Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, love -- emotions play a pivotal role in our lives. But are these types of feelings an integral part of...

Preserving food

How to Freeze and Use Frozen Broccoli

Freezing broccoli will enable you to have this delicious vegetable on the table long after the season has ended. Clean The Broccoli There are simple and...

Oriental Honey Pickles Recipe

If you are a pickle-freak, this mouth-watering, crunchy, sweet and sour pickled vegetables prepared in homemade, oriental style might just get you curious! It's actually...

The Natural Way to Keep Avocados from Turning Brown

Avocado is rich, delicious and loaded with nutrients, but like several other fruits and some vegetables, once cut it is hard to keep avocados...

Cleaning Centre

7 Days to a Cleaner More Organized Home – Part 2 – Living Room and Dining Room

The idea behind these seven days is to bring back some order to your home. You will tackle an area of your home each...

Miscellaneous Cleaning Tips

Miscellaneous Cleaning Tips. Caring for Wrought Iron A protective coat of liquid wax will make cleaning easier and retard rusting. Do not use liquid wax on...

7 Days to A Cleaner More Organized Home – Part 6 – Rest and Recover

The idea behind these seven days was to bring back some order to your home. You tackled an area of your home each day....

Lemongrass Orange Carpet Freshener

Refresh the carpets in your home with this homemade carpet freshener. The baking soda will neutralize odors and the rest will leave a light...

Cleaning Your Slow Cooker — Some Do’s and Don’ts

Slow cookers are cool. This appliance helps you cook warming meals on chilly nights and gets you out of the kitchen on hot days....

White Vinegar – Home Remedies

The healing properties of vinegar are remarkable, particularly in the distilled white and apple cider varieties.

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