Spa Recipes

Detoxifying, Healing Bath & Foot Soak

Try this detoxifying and healing bath or foot soak with natural sea salts. Natural sea salts are rich in minerals and charged with electrical and healing properties that you can especially benefit from in a warm bath.

5 Amazing Milk Packs for All Skin Types

Legend has it that Cleopatra used to bathe in milk daily to retain her flawless and beautiful skin. Read about the different ways milk can be used to enhance your beauty.

Lemon Drop Body Scrub

This body scrub will help soften skin and moisturize dry skin. The scub keeps up to a month and is gentle enough to use on the face.

Gentle Honey Cleanser

This cleanser is simple and effective. The soap gently cleans, the glycerin prevents drying and the honey not only softens the skin, but its antimicrobial properties can help ward off breakouts.

Unwind with Natural Bath and Body Products at Home

Bath and body recipes also make it possible to create quality, effective, natural skin care products right at home.

Make Your Own Natural Lavender Bath Salts

If you love soaking your stresses away in a hot, fragrant tub, then you'll want to save this recipe for lavender bath salts. It's quick and simple to make, for yourself or as a gift.

The Best Facial Masks from Kiwi Fruit

Facial masks from kiwi have both tonic and therapeutic effects. They cleanse skin finely, make it more elastic, fresh and young.

Beauty Treatments Using Ingredients from Home

My favorite DIY beauty routine is a spa day complete with a nonsurgical facelift that anyone can do and certainly can afford.

Quick and Simple At-Home Beauty Treatments

Avoid costly visits to the salon and expensive beauty products with gentle and simple at-home treatments. For even more fun, invite your friends over for a spa-themed get together and try out the following tips.

How to Make Spa Quality Creams and Moisturizers

How to make a base skin cream, add essential oils and herbal extracts to personalize.

How to Make Bath Bombs to Treat Sore Muscles

When you make bath bombs at home, you can tailor the recipe to provide exactly the benefit you want.

Breast Massage – Essential Oils to Use

Type of essential oils to use for breast massage.
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