Nature Presents Autumn Lotions

Nature Presents Autumn Lotions

Lotions, containing natural juices, infusions and decoctions, clean, whiten and nourish skin like any creams or masks. But what is the special feature of lotions? Thanking their liquid consistence, lotions work faster and get into skin easier.

Homemade lotions are easy to make. You can make them a little at a time or prepare for future use. Why should we make them in autumn? Nature presents us her lavish gifts and we should use them in time.

Well, here are two masks from melon. For withered skin – knead pulp of melon with fork and keep for 2 hours, then squeeze juice into glassy dish. Mix 2 glasses of melon juice with 2 table-spoons of honey and 1 tea-spoon of salt carefully and then add 1 glass of vodka. Rub washed face skin with lotion in any time. Keep lotion in the fridge. Melon lotion for dry skin – mix 1 table-spoon of melon juice with 1 table-spoon of milk and 1 table-spoon of mineral water. Rub skin in the morning and evening. Make this lotion on one day and keep it in the fridge.

Lotions from quince. For greasy skin – beat up white of 1 egg; add ½ glass of quince juice, cologne and camphor spirit. Mix everything carefully. This lotion makes skin tender and smooth. For dry skin – Cut quince and pour with warm boiled water. In 2-3 hours pour infusion out and add 10 ml. of vodka or spirit for every 100 ml. of infusion. Rub the skin in the morning. For any type of skin – Mix 1 table-spoon of quince juice, 1 tea-spoon of glycerin or cologne. Rub face skin in the morning and evening.

Lotions from watermelon. For greasy skin – Pour 2 table-spoons of horse-tail with 150 ml. of warm boiled water, close and stay for night. In the morning filter infusion and add watermelon juice (proportion: 1 table-spoon of juice for 3 table-spoons of infusion) and 1 tea-spoon of vodka for every portion of watermelon juice. Rub skin some times a day. For any type of skin – mix in 2 table-spoons of watermelon juice, plum juice and peach juice. Add 1 tea-spoon of vodka and mix carefully. Keep the lotion in the fridge. Use this tonic lotion some times a day.

Lotion from grapes. For dry skin – Mix a yolk with 50 g. of vegetable oil, add juice of ½ lemon and 50 g. of vodka. Squeeze juice from fresh grapes and pour ½ glass of juice into mixture. Stay for 2-3 hours in the fridge and then you can use it.

Lotion from sea-buckthorn for any type of skin. Pour mixture from 2 table-spoons of sea-buckthorn berries and 2 table-spoons ground sea-buckthorn leaves with 2 glasses of boiling water. Close the mixture and stay for 24 hours. Then filter and add 2 table-spoons of vodka. Clean the face in the morning and evening.

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