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Healing Foods

Food that are good for your health

Belly Up to The Juice Bar

Juicing is an excellent way of getting the required servings of vegetables and fruits into your diet. There is a variety of fresh produce you can use and an endless number of combinations of...
Healthy Tea

Dandelion Root Tea – Weight Loss and Cancer-Killing Drink

Dandelion root tea comes with many health benefits. It stimulates the appetite and helps the process of digestion and helps cancer patients.
A Cup of Tea can Be The Best Solution for Everyday Wellness

A Cup of Tea can Be The Best Solution for Everyday Wellness

There are four common herbs for everything from soothing an upset stomach to lifting our spirits, to calming nerves and even fending off colds and flu.

Health Benefits of Cucumber Water

The secret I'm about to share will make you never reach for any kind of juice or chilled coffee drinks. Cucumber water is one way to stay healthy and refresh. It's easy to make...

Herbal Fact Sheets: Elderberry

The Elderberry is a shrub, or sometimes a small tree, which was previously thought to have belonged to the honeysuckle family but has now been classified as a member of the Adoxaceae family. It...

Red Hot Blood Cleanser

Watermelon contains two compounds, arginine and citrulline, that improve blood flow, while beets boost nitric oxide in the blood, a compound that helps relax blood vessels so that blood flows more freely. Combined with...
10 Anti Aging Benefits of Water

10 Anti Aging Benefits of Water

We all know that water is an extremely important nutrient for survival. But besides keeping us alive or just quenching our thirst, it can do a number of things in our bodies to keep us healthy and to help fight the aging process.

Foods to Reach for to Prevent Colds and Flus

One of the easiest ways to keep your immune system strong is eating healthy foods. To prevent you and your family from succumbing to cold and flu season, the Canadian Health Food Association recommends the...
The Raw Milk Cure

The Raw Milk Cure

The Raw Milk Cure has been used both in the daily diet (often fermented) and by special groups with extra nutritional needs, like the elderly, pregnant or nursing women, warriors, and sick people.

How Many Vegetables Should I Be Eating? What About My Kids?

Q: I keep seeing recommendations about cups of vegetables, but I’m confused about how many I should be eating. What about my kids? A: If you’re like most adults, you should be aiming for 2...
Health Foods

6 Super Foods You Need for Super Health

Eating super foods is one of the best ways to enhance one’s health. Although many people make an effort to follow a healthy diet, some individuals overlook the very foods that can protect their...
Ginger Tea - The Health Benefits

Ginger Tea – The Health Benefits

People have been using ginger for centuries to cure colds, and other ailments. You can make a simple ginger tea to ward off those winter colds and the blues.
20 Tips for Arthritis - Eating Healthy on a Budget

20 Tips for Arthritis – Eating Healthy on a Budget

I have heard many times over the years when discussing with people about changing their eating habits, that it is impossible to be healthy on a tight budget. This is a misconception. Convenience foods...

Cumin – A Spice or Healing Drug?

Cumin is a great tasting spice that has been used since ancient times as a healing and health protecting agent. It has been used around the world mainly for digestion. Taken after a meal...
Benefits of Pumpkins

Benefits of Pumpkins

I've learned to do a lot of things with pumpkins for many reasons. One is that we grew them on the farm and no one wanted to waste them.