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Recycled Craft Projects

Making crafts is an enjoyable hobby, easily adapted to every family member, but it can get expensive. As crafting continues to reemerge in a big way, crafters are looking for ways to enjoy their hobby without going over budget. Get creative and use found objects in your craft projects.

Top 7 Benefits of Joining a Craft Group

The current crafting craze has sparked new craft groups all over the United States, giving people a way to enjoy their hobbies in a social atmosphere. More than ever, crafters are pursuing a wide variety of crafts, have easy access to high quality materials, and realize the benefits of making crafts part of their lives.

Organize Your Craft Supplies by Personality Type

Need a little help with organizing craft supplies? Whether you are a visual right-brain thinker or an analytical left-brain thinker - or a combination of both - you can find ways to organize your craft supplies based on personality type.

Dating Old Photographs with Fashion

Using the clothing of a photography subject can be a great way to determine when a photo was taken. Here is an overview of fashion from 1840-1960s to help you get started.

Crafting Different Uses for Your Food Dehydrator – 10 Ideas to Get You Started

Create beautiful and unique crafts using your dehydrator. Now is the time for crafting - try these 10 ideas for a quick start.

Five Outdoor Activities for The Entire Family to Enjoy

The kids are home... it's a beautiful day outside... it's time to get crafting! Let's start the craft ideas countdown!

Craft Ideas for Your Wine Bottles

For the crafter in you, turn wine bottles into fun projects,or even profit, with a few more of these great ideas to try.

10 Gift Ideas for Her

Shopping for gifts for women can be made easy if you consider their favorite treats and relaxation activities.

Easy DIY Playdough Recipe

How to make inexpensive homemade playdough that is safe, and non toxic.

Crayon Wax Melting Art

Help your child create crayon wax-melting art to keep from having to throw all the broken crayons away.

Fun Things You Can Make From Cupcake Liner Papers

We have a wonderful selection of paper cupcake liners and I thought it would be fun to see what ideas we could come up with on what else you can do with them besides baking!

150 New Money-Saving Container and Product Ideas for Making Personalized Gift Baskets

A wide range of products for your custom gift baskets can be considered, beyond the usual scope of the traditional gift basket items or products. Many of the ideas will save you money and/or fit the frugal lifestyle.
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