Top 7 Benefits of Joining a Craft Group

Top 7 Benefits of Joining a Craft Group

We’ve been experiencing a craft renaissance in recent years. More than ever, crafters are pursuing a wide variety of crafts, have easy access to high quality materials, and realize the benefits of making crafts part of their lives.

For many, making craft projects is a solitary activity, often enjoyed as a stress-reducer, a way to make handmade gifts, and because it’s fun. But the current crafting renaissance has sparked new groups all over the United States, giving people a way to enjoy their hobbies in a social atmosphere.

Groups are available for nearly every type of craft including knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking (often called crops), cross stitch, quilting, beading, general crafts, and more. A quick Internet search in your area should reveal local groups as well as crafting retreats, cruises, and seminars.

Groups range in size and scope, from small senior groups at local churches to large multi-age gatherings in metro areas, from a tight focus on one type of craft to those that celebrate crafting in every form. Participants enjoy a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Craft Groups

  1. Camaraderie and friendship. Working on craft projects in a group setting allows a natural flow of conversation about techniques or problems, but just as often about everyday struggles and triumphs. Friendships are easily developed. Craft groups also travel to fairs and classes together.
  2. Space to work. Even for those who have their own craft rooms, being able to set up shop in a large area with spacious work surfaces makes it easier to complete projects and to socialize.
  3. Community service. Craft groups often take on local community service projects as a way to give to others. One of the more well-known efforts is to crochet or knit blankets for children and infants in hospitals.
  4. Improve skills and knowledge. A group environment is a great way to learn new skills in your chosen craft, and to get help with problem areas. Veteran crafters love to share knowledge and are happy to help.
  5. Get projects done. For those who love crafting, but don’t always complete the projects they start, a craft group provides the environment, encouragement, and consistency to do just that.
  6. Expert craft teachers. Some craft groups are able to recruit expert instructors to teach intermediate and advanced techniques.
  7. Access to training materials. Larger craft groups often keep a library of books, manuals, and videos that anybody can use to improve crafting skills.

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The benefits of joining a craft group are amazing. If you need help with a technique, want to meet other crafters, or need consistency to complete your projects, a group may be the perfect fit. If joining a monthly craft group doesn’t work with your schedule, there are many annual crafting group events to choose from that provide numerous benefits as well. Do an Internet search to find the perfect group for you.

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Melody Jones is a freelance writer and a crafts expert. One day, she had the bright idea of combining the two and now writes crafts-related ebooks, crafts how-to articles, and the occasional humor piece on (what else)…crafts!

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