Halloween’s Murphy’s Law

How to make face paint, pumpkin cookies, and slime for Halloween!

Preschool Easy Crafts – Fall Leaf Crafts

Use these easy preschool fall crafts to create and learn with your preschooler or toddler. Here are three preschool easy crafts for you to enjoy!

Thanksgiving Craft: DIY Leaf Napkin Rings

These classy looking autumn inspired napkin rings will add the perfect touch to any Thanksgiving feast. As an added bonus they are very easy...

The Gratitude Wreath

Bring a little bit of autumn indoors. Family and friends help create this wreath by sharing what they are thankful for on brightly colored leaves. Every member of the family can contribute to this beautiful wreath. This is a great, concrete, visual way to put meaning back in the holidays for children.

Autumn Leaves Scrapbooking

Traditionally, fall is known as a time of looking inward, taking stock, giving thanks for the harvest and preparing for a time of dreaming about tomorrow. Let this be a time of showing these reflections in your autumn scrapbooking pages.

How to Make Your Own Natural Beeswax Polish

Step by step tutorial on making your own natural beeswax polish at home using all natural ingredients. Your polish will be safe for use in contact with food. No VOC's petroleum or harmful chemicals.

The Legend of The Bayberry Candle

Think 50 pounds of rancid animal fat sounds like fun? Neither did Colonial women. In an effort to make candle making more enjoyable (and less stinky!), Colonists sought alternative waxes, among them Bayberry. Learn more about traditional bayberry candles and the folklore behind them.

10 Uses for Used Canning Lids

Once the canning lid has been used one time to seal a canning jar they are not supposed to be reused. So, what do you do with the used canning lids? Here are my top 10 craft ideas for used canning lids.

4 Popular Types of Clothing Fabrics

Fabrics and textures in modern clothing are wide-ranging and vary in relation to their tactile visual qualities. The type of fabric can have an...

Baby Blanket Knitting Projects – Standard Baby Blanket Sizes

You're just dying to knit a baby blanket, and want it to be perfect but you don't know what size to make it. If this is your first knitting project for babies, read this article to discover the standard sizes and how they're used.

Goat Milk Soap Recipe – Easy and Fast!

Lightly Lavender Goat Milk Soap recipe.

How to Make Natural Home Fragrances

There are ways to make your home smell amazing by making your own all natural, wonderfully scented products, such as air freshening sprays and more.
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