Starting a Home Craft Business

Have you ever considered making innovative and attractive crafts could earn you a profitable and stable income? And you could work at home without having to set up any office or shop to sell your craft items.

What is Wool?

If I were to ask you what is wool, and where does it come from would, you be able to answer me? After reading this you should have a better idea.

Recycled Craft Projects

Making crafts is an enjoyable hobby, easily adapted to every family member, but it can get expensive. As crafting continues to reemerge in a big way, crafters are looking for ways to enjoy their hobby without going over budget. Get creative and use found objects in your craft projects.

The History and Application of Merino Wool

Merino wool is not a commonly known wool that is used to produce a high quality piece of clothing. But what is merino wool and how is it sourced, and how is it different from traditional wool? Merino is an influential breed of sheep that is well known for its quality wool.

How Selling Candles from Home Can Make You $2000 a Month

Selling candles from home can also add up to your basic income. You just have to see every opportunity when it truly counts.

Soy Candle Making – Six Essential Fragrances That Sell

When making your own candles, there are so many fragrances to choose from. Here are six fragrances that are sure to please a wide range of people.

Top 7 Benefits of Joining a Craft Group

The current crafting craze has sparked new craft groups all over the United States, giving people a way to enjoy their hobbies in a social atmosphere. More than ever, crafters are pursuing a wide variety of crafts, have easy access to high quality materials, and realize the benefits of making crafts part of their lives.

Organize Your Craft Supplies by Personality Type

Need a little help with organizing craft supplies? Whether you are a visual right-brain thinker or an analytical left-brain thinker - or a combination of both - you can find ways to organize your craft supplies based on personality type.

What is Beeswax?

Honey is the luscious sweet and gooey syrup that is produced by the honey bee. The range of honey that exists is almost infinite given that no two batches of flowers are ever the same. Out of twenty thousand or so species of bee only 4 are honey bees with 44 sub species.

Dating Old Photographs with Fashion

Using the clothing of a photography subject can be a great way to determine when a photo was taken. Here is an overview of fashion from 1840-1960s to help you get started.

Knitting is The New Yoga

Most expectant moms would want to create memorable pieces for our lil' ones. That is why we invest most of our time in learning new crafts such as knitting. We browse for nice looking knitting patterns for babies just for the little angel in the family.

Knitting Needles and Tools

Knitting needles are a must for knitters (obviously!), but they aren't the other useful tool you need to have in your basket. Everyone has their favorite type. For the beginner, it's best to ask your teacher what to start with.
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