Quilt Instructions – Label and Name Your Quilt

Quilt Instructions - Label and Name Your Quilt

Naming your quilt before or after your quilting project is important as the name of your quilt will most likely remain forever. There are quilt instructions for preparing a label, but no instructions on how to name your quilt. Have you given much thought and an appropriate amount of time to name your creation?

The quilt label will contain the name of your quilt, the date it was made, and your name or signature. If your quilt is a gift, you would also include “made for”. Certain situations may require including your city and state or country and perhaps a special message.

There are quilt instructions which recommend the label be made on a separate piece of cloth with cross-stitching, embroidery, or another favorite stitching technique or scripted with permanent fabric ink then stitched to the backside of the quilt or sewn directly on one of the quilt blocks or on the quilt border.

The name of the quilt will have value. It needs to be a good name. You can probably recall a few times when you were talking to someone and you could not name the object and you referred to it as ‘the thing’. You found yourself saying, “Oh, I think you know what I mean.” Truthfully, the other person did not know what you were talking about and remained polite and courteous.

What is the purpose of naming your quilt?

  • for sale
  • for a gift
  • in memory of
  • company name and logo
  • signature name and logo

Does the name of your quilt refer to…?

  • a special person
  • a special place
  • a special memory
  • a special event or activity
  • a special pet

Are you trying to spark?

  • memories
  • logic
  • fantasy
  • sights and sounds
  • smell and tastes
  • seasons of the year
  • sixth or spiritual sense

As an example, I have a name of a quilt which I will call “My Conversations at Tea Time.” Immediately, I will recall meeting with friends and family for a cup of tea. And I think it is safe to say that you may have had that same image in your mind or you would expect to see people drinking tea before you saw the quilt and your expectations would be met when you did see the actual finished quilt.

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After seeing the quilt, the name will remain in your memory. It will remain because everyone has conversations, you may not be a tea drinker, but you know what tea is, a visual cue was implanted in the brain before and later reinforced after seeing the quilt.

If the quilt is for sale the buyer will remember the name. It it is a gift, the receiver will remember the name and experience the memories. Do follow quilt instructions to label and take time to name your quilt.

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