Rose Bush

Rose Bush Care Gardening Monthly Plan

Of all the plants in your garden, roses require the most attention because of their unique requirements. Roses enjoy living uncluttered and clean. Without attention to the minor details of weeding, cleaning, and mulching,...
Low Allergy Annuals

Organic in The Garden – Low Allergy Annuals

Annuals are mainly grown for their flowers as garden colour or cut flowers. Pollen from flowers is a major allergen so if you suffer from an allergy like hay fever it is wise to...
Phalaenopsis Orchid Growing Care Tips

Phalaenopsis Orchid Growing Care Tips

Color variety consists of white, pinks, lavender and yellow both in solid colors and blends of stripes and spots. Bold color designs are starting to show up also. Phalaenopsis flowers provide both exotic variety...

Tuberous Begonias

If you appreciate plants that have no hesitation in boldly stating their presence with huge, almost artificially perfect flowers, then tuberous begonias are for you. While some may find them rather too overstated, downright...
Crocus Care

About Crocuses

A crocus is a well loved perennial flower that grows that grows to be 3 to 6 inches tall with yellow, purple, lavender and white cup shaped blooms. A member of the iris family,...

The Diverse Uses for Sunflowers

In the West, sunflowers have traditionally only been considered for their ornamental or nutritional value. However, further research and experimentation have uncovered a surprisingly wide range of potential applications. In truth, sunflowers have been...

This Spring Take a Walk on the ‘Wildflower’ Side

Springtime. Time to start thinking about your flower beds and curb appeal. If you're tired of the same old annuals, or too many choices leave you bewildered where to begin, this spring consider thinking...
Flower Garden

Blue Wild Flowers For Your Garden

Planting wild flowers in your garden, or simply scattering wild flower seeds around an area of your yard are both ways to take advantage of Mother Nature's treasured gifts. Wild flowers are carefree, colorful,...

Divide Your Perennials Every 3 to 4 Years For More and Bigger Flowers

Perennial flowers are a great addition to the garden. You don't have to plant them new every year and every year they grow larger and produce more and more blooms. Eventually the number of...

Growing African Violets and Other Plants Indoors

If you like to grow African violets and other indoor flowers, herbs and fruits, good thing is that such plants don't require much space to grow. Depending on the violet plant size, common 5-12...

Tips to Plant a Thriving Flower Garden

During the summer months, Canadians finally have a chance to relax and enjoy the sun. There is no better way to embrace the warm weather than planting a beautiful flower garden. Not only will...

8 Flowering Plants Ideal for Indoors

Top 8 Ideal Indoor Flower Plants Orchids Considered as one of the largest group of indoor and outdoor plants from among the favorite flower collections. Waling-waling which is considered one of the most beautiful of the...

How to Grow African Violets

It is easier than you think to grow African Violets. Just provide the proper conditions for healthy growth. Natural Light: Adequate light is the most important factor in promoting flowering. Place plants near any window that...

How to Take Lavender Cuttings

Lavender has to be one of the most popular of garden plants. Highly versatile, lavender looks the part in a traditional cottage garden setting but is equally at home in a more contemporary garden...
Amish flower garden

Decorating Your Flower Garden with an Amish Rustic Country Theme

Along with fascination of the Amish lifestyle and their culture, many visitors to the Amish Communities purchase their rustic handmade crafts to use for décor in their own homes and in their yard and...