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Sunflowers – What You Thought You Knew

Growing sunflowers has been apart of our culture for years, this article is to give you some information you did not know about growing sunflowers, including its uses, origin, and huge market. As well as the best method to grow hundreds of sunflowers in just a couple of days!

How to Repot Orchids

If you are growing orchids, then you should understand that the plants need to be repotted regularly.

Growing Flowers for Fun or Profit

As the micro eco-farming movement continues, flower carts from mini flower farms: backyard to half an acre, are springing up on small town street corners and near busy urban coffee shops. U-pick flower patches and honor-system flower stands are further ways flower lovers are earning income.

Rose Bush Care Gardening Monthly Plan

Here's a simple guide for monthly rose care. It is ordered monthly so you'll know what research to do for your roses over the entire year. So here are my monthly tips.

Organic in The Garden – Low Allergy Annuals

Annuals are mainly grown for their flowers as garden colour or cut flowers. Pollen from flowers is a major allergen so if you suffer from an allergy like hay fever it is wise to consider looking for low or no allergen flowering plants for your garden.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Growing Care Tips

Growing a Phalaenopsis Orchid in your home can be rewarding and fun. It is particularly well suited for the conditions you already find at home.

Tuberous Begonias

A guide to the cultivation and various types of tuberous begonias.

About Crocuses

Crocuses can be a lovely addition to your garden. Learn about planting crocuses indoors and outdoors.

The Diverse Uses for Sunflowers

More than a nutritional snack, moisturizer, or source of essential fatty acids, sunflowers may become a powerful natural resource that outperforms alternatives at a lower price.

This Spring Take a Walk on The ‘Wildflower’ Side

No matter your soil or sunshine, wildflowers are the answer to beautiful, bountiful blooms that keep the garden alive with a continual dazzling display of color.

Blue Wild Flowers for Your Garden

The following wild flowers are blue to purple in color, and some say this is a favorite color of bees.

Divide Your Perennials Every 3 to 4 Years For More and Bigger Flowers

Perennial flowers are a great addition to the garden. You don't have to plant them new every year and every year they grow larger and produce more and more blooms.
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