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Tips and Ideas for Family and Pets.

Essential Oil for Pets

3 Must Have Essential Oils to Calm Your Pet

The reason I love animals so much is that they give off an attitude of happiness, innocence and unconditional love to their people. Our pets are just as happy being a part of our...

The Flea-Free Guide

Fleas travel from yard to yard, reproducing as they go and eventually making their way into your rug, your clean laundry, and eventually onto you, so it really doesn't matter if you have pets or not.

Tips for Eating Together as a Family

When families eat together, children grow up happier and healthier and teens build stronger relationships with their parents.
Dog Food

Simple Egg Diets for Dogs

Egg diets are quite easier in nature, since they come with a balanced amount of nutrients with the taste. Mixing a small amount of salt could give out a great taste to both human...

Improving Your Relationship with Your Grandchildren – 10 Tips For Grandparents

The joy that a grandchild brings to the lives of grandparents is immense. However, there is a need to balance out the love and responsibility that comes with it. Here are a few tips that...
Rabbit Names

Names for Rabbits – 120+ Best Names for Rabbits

Naming your bunny can be so hard! It's important when choosing names for rabbits that you pick something that you can feel comfortable calling out. For example Bunny McFluffy may be a cute name...

12 Healthy Habits all Kids Should Have

Check out these twelve simple healthy habits that benefit kids and help parents in their constant struggle to raise confident, happy and healthy people. 1. Get plenty of sleep. 2. Exercise regularly. 3. Eat lots of fruits...
Animal Emergencies

Preparing for Animal Emergencies – The Fist Aid Kit

Hopefully your pet will never have cause for emergency medical treatment but it is important for all pet owners to be prepared "just in case". Here are some ways you can be prepared for...
Dog care

How to Get Your Dog to Walk in The Rain

If your dog is like mine, he hates walking in the rain. Dogs need exercise whether it's raining outside or not. There are several things you can do to get your dog to walk...
Dog Grooming Spray

Dog Grooming Spray – Flea & Tick Treatment & Prevention That’s Safe & Natural

Enjoy the delightfully fresh and pleasing scent of this pure essential oil synergy blend, free of any ingredients known to have toxic side effects, while keeping your dogs free of fleas and ticks. ROSE GERANIUM...
Baby Care

Making Homemade Baby Wipes

Want to save money? Making homemade baby wipes takes just a few minutes of work and save loads of money. Here's the money saving recipe: Take 1 roll of premium paper towels and cut in...

Things We Learned From Being Raised By Good-Hearted Parents

Every time I get asked what my parents is like, I could not think of the times they were angry at me nor the times I got reprimanded by them. It will always boil...

Terrible Tantrums: 5 Parent Mistakes That Make Them Worse

One minute your toddler is giggling with delight and in the next, he’s having an uncontrollable meltdown. Overwhelmed with emotion, he won’t listen to reason. As a caregiver, you feel embarrassed, helpless and upset....

Old Time Teething Remedies

Nothing can ‘cure’ teething; after all, it’s not a disease but a right of passage for us all. However, there are some old-fashioned methods that can help alleviate your little loved one’s discomfort. Many parents...

Want to Teach Your Children to Be Good Stewards? Time to Get Your Hands...

Growing your own garden is a popular pastime that cuts grocery bills and puts fresh produce within arm’s reach. But to parents it’s so much more than that. Gardening is a trending family activity...