20 Dog Camping Tips


Summertime is the right time for you to pack your bags and take your furry pal for an ideal season of camping. It not only makes you feel connected with the nature, but also makes your camaraderie with the doggy stronger. If you are someone who loves camping then sharing the experience with your furry pal will provide even more satisfaction.

Dogs are excited when they new smells and sites of the camp site. You will see a new side of your furry pal when you go camping with him. There are certain interesting features that your doggy notices that you might otherwise overlook. Also remember that for camping your doggy does not need to be in the best shape. The only thing that you need to ensure is that you have adequate supplies when you backpack for the camp.

Let us now focus our attention to some of the camping tips that will make the trip a wonderful experience for your doggy:

1. While traveling, stop at regular intervals so that your doggy can go for bathroom breaks, drink water and have adequate exercise.

2. In case you need to leave your furry pal in the vehicle even for a short duration ensure that there is proper ventilation, shade and water for your pooch.

3. Carry your dog’s essential products like toys, blanket and bed so that he feels at home at the camping site.

4. Always assure the furry pal that he is safe, secured and loved.

5. Keep a watch on the health of your doggy.

6. Always be vigilant about the diseases that your furry pal can contract in the wildlife.

7. Carry flea and tick repellents and collars if you find that there is a higher risk of fleas and ticks in that area.

8. Give adequate time for the doggy to adjust to the new surroundings.

9. Give enough rest to your furry pal.

10. Never leave the doggy unattended when you are outside with him.

11. If you have any leftover food keep it in a place which will not attract wildlife and insects.

12. While you are at the campsite ensure that you do not leave the furry pal unattended.

13. Always have your doggy leashed so that he is safe from any uninvited visitor at the neighboring campsite.

14. Honor the camp-ground regulations for on-leash and off-leash areas.

15. Always keep the doggy under control all the time.

16. Always follow your doggy especially in forest area as hikers, walkers, bikers, etc. will be using the area.

17. Throw the dog’s waste in an environmental-friendly dog bag and dispose it off in appropriate trash containers.

18. Always leash the doggy far away from the campsite.

19. If see huge space at the camping site, it is advisable to employ an expandable leash. The great thing about this leash is that you can tie a rope between trees and secure the leash to the rope for a dog run.

20. Always be vigilant to ensure that your furry pal is safe from their leash getting untangled around stakes, picnic table, trees and tent poles.

There is nothing better than to snuggle with your doggy in a cozy tent with the scent of camp fire still lingering in the air. With some thoughtful planning you will be all set to heed the call of the wild and have a blast!

The Author:

I own a doggy and regularly buy dog supplies to ensure his overall well-being. I wanted to take my furry pal for camping and so decided to explore some opportunities on the internet. While browsing I came across some tips that I have represented in the form of this article.

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