Gardening ideas for growing fruit and vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Lawn Care

Five Spring Fertilizing Tips

Springtime is fertilizing time for many homeowners. Or should we say, 'lawn feeding' time? Regardless of the term you use, fertilizing your lawn at the start of the growing season could be very helpful...
Jobs to Do in The Garden During April

Jobs to Do in The Garden During April

Here is a list of jobs you should be getting on with in your garden during April.
April Gardening

April in The Vegetable Garden

There is always something to do in the vegetable garden, even in the smallest patch. April is the month when the growing season really starts and its easy to lose track of the jobs...
April Gardening

April in The Flower Garden

Even in the smallest garden, April is the month when the growing season really begins to gather pace.
Tulip Bulbs Problems

Tulip Bulbs Problem – What to Do When Bulbs Sprout Indoors

Have you kept your tulip bulbs indoors and now find they are sprouting? What do you do with them? Will the bulbs actually bloom if you pot them? Read more to find out...
Get your Garden Shed Ready for Spring

Get Your Garden Shed Ready for Spring

Tips on how to you get your garden shed Spring-ready.
A Simple Calendar for Your Garden

A Simple Calendar for Your Garden

Here is a basic calendar of the essential jobs you need to do each month to ensure your garden is both attractive and productive.
Plant 100 Bulbs in 30 Minutes

Plant 100 Bulbs in 30 Minutes

Every fall intrepid gardeners ponder their properties and plan for the new year. Or, more likely, every spring property owners drive about and jealously wonder why they did not plan ahead for beautiful spring...
The Lavender Lady

The Lavender Lady

At lavender harvest time, you still can seen ladies with big baskets on their arms walking the streets of old Europe. Their baskets are filled with intriguingly scented fresh lavender stalks nicely bundled, and...
Outdoor Living Space

R&R in The Great Outdoors: 3 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Dreaming of a private, well-appointed outdoor space where your family and guests can relax while enjoying nature? Consider how these other suggestions might also help put those wheels in motion.
Growing Food

Grow Food from Kitchen Scraps

It does not matter whether you put your kitchen scraps in the compost or the bin, did you know that you could grow many of your favourite fruit or vegetables from those scraps.
Container Gardening

28 Tips for Container Gardening

Tips an ideas to get the most out of container gardening.
Herbs for The Kitchen

Herbs for Your Kitchen Garden

If you have decided you want to create your own kitchen herb garden, you must first decide on what herbs to grow in it. Once you have done that you can start preparing your...

Citron, Orange and Other Citrus Houseplants

Fruits look so good that are irresistible. Further their leaves shine in the sun and the flowers radiate a sweet and seducing scent. The citric are one of the most ornamental and fascinating houseplants....

Honey Bees Love Sunflowers

This year we planted several different varieties of sunflowers. The colors were just amazing, from an almost neon yellow to a deep autumn red. One thing they all had in common though, was the...