R&R in The Great Outdoors: 3 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Dreaming of a private, well-appointed outdoor space where your family and guests can relax while enjoying nature? Consider how these other suggestions might also help put those wheels in motion.

Grow Food from Kitchen Scraps

It does not matter whether you put your kitchen scraps in the compost or the bin, did you know that you could grow many of your favourite fruit or vegetables from those scraps.

28 Tips for Container Gardening

Tips an ideas to get the most out of container gardening.

Herbs for Your Kitchen Garden

This article will help you to decide which types of herb you might most like to grow, and provides some tips and advice on growing herbs from seed.

Citron, Orange and Other Citrus Houseplants

The citrons, oranges and other citric grow well even on sunny terrace, beautifying and flavoring it. If well placed and correctly attended, the citric become splendid houseplants.

Honey Bees Love Sunflowers

This year we planted several different varieties of sunflowers. The colors were just amazing, from an almost neon yellow to a deep autumn red. One thing they all had in common though, was the bees loved them. Read on to find out what is killing the honey bee!

Sunflowers – What You Thought You Knew

Growing sunflowers has been apart of our culture for years, this article is to give you some information you did not know about growing sunflowers, including its uses, origin, and huge market. As well as the best method to grow hundreds of sunflowers in just a couple of days!

Grow Microgreens at Home

Here is what you will need to get started growing your own nutrient dense microgreens.

Bombs Away with Seed Bombs

Seed bombing has been popular in urban areas for some time. But the idea is applicable for other areas as well. Children especially seem to enjoy the fun of making and planting seed bombs so it can be a great family project.

Do Ladybugs Bring Good Luck?

Human beings are superstitious by nature and they belief that there are certain things and objects that can either bring them good luck or bad luck. One such thing that people claim to be lucky is the ladybug. The question remains do ladybugs bring good luck or is this just an old wives tale.

How to Repot Orchids

If you are growing orchids, then you should understand that the plants need to be repotted regularly.

10 Tips to Easily Double The Size of Your Herb Garden

Propagation means creating new herb garden plants from a single plant. For this article, we'll talk about a few easy methods for doing this, including growing herbs from cuttings, root division, transplanting and making new herbs through layering.
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