Bee Balm – A Beautiful Garden Herb Called Oswego Tea

Bee balm is cultivated in herb gardens for a source of herbal tea leaves and as a very attractive flowering plant. It's popularly planted to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

How to Grow Potatoes

Potatoes are some of the easiest ground produces to grow and there are a couple effective methods for growing it.

Growing Flowers for Fun or Profit

As the micro eco-farming movement continues, flower carts from mini flower farms: backyard to half an acre, are springing up on small town street corners and near busy urban coffee shops. U-pick flower patches and honor-system flower stands are further ways flower lovers are earning income.

23 Fun Facts About Rosemary Plants

Rosemary is a lovely evergreen perennial herb with culinary, aromatic, and medicinal uses, and one of the favorites in herb gardening around the world. How much do you know about this magical plant?

Daisies – Flowers That Heal

Daisies are a great example that beauty need not be useless. With such a large variety of uses, from cooking to healing, they are great for a lot of things.

How to Create a Fragrant Herbal Lawn

Thyme can also be used as a "ground-covering" plant to create soft, verdant lawns which release their fragrance when trodden on.

28 Ideas for Fruit Growing in Your Garden

Simple but effective tips for growing a variety of fruit in your garden.

Growing Gooseberries in The Home Garden

There are many varieties of gooseberry to try, from those that have tiny, sweet yellow fruits to those that produce large, red dessert types.

Rose Bush Care Gardening Monthly Plan

Here's a simple guide for monthly rose care. It is ordered monthly so you'll know what research to do for your roses over the entire year. So here are my monthly tips.

Two Ways of Growing Concord Grape Vines to Maximize Your Garden Space

Many people would like to grow Concord grape vines in their own backyard, but think they don't have enough room. Although traditionally growing Concord grapes requires a large amount of space there is an alternative method which will allow you to experience the joy of growing grapes in small backyard.

You Can Grow Rosemary in a Container

Rosemary is ideal for growing in containers. Because they usually need to be brought indoors for the winter, they are a perfect choice for container gardening.

Growing Blueberries for Fun or Profit

Blueberries are well known for fresh eating, pies, jams, jellies, syrups, juice, and baked goods such as blueberry muffins, pancakes and waffles. But, they are also baked into squash dishes and coffee cakes. Backyard growers and small farms prosper by offering blueberries as a u-pick crop, and by creating one-of-a-kind value-added blueberry products such as pancake mixes, or blueberry flavored organic yogurt and ice cream.
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