Gardening ideas for growing fruit and vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Growing Blueberries

Growing Blueberries for Fun or Profit

Blueberries are well known for fresh eating, pies, jams, jellies, syrups, juice, and baked goods such as blueberry muffins, pancakes and waffles. But, they are also baked into squash dishes and coffee cakes. Backyard...
Ways to Eliminate Mosquitoes

Ten Ways to Eliminate Mosquitoes

If you've ever wondered which mosquito control methods work and which ones will simply drain your pocketbook, read on for a comprehensive summary of the good, the bad and the dangerous. 1.) Get an industrial...

Easy Summertime Plant Propagation Techniques

I want to make this as simple as possible for you so I am breaking plant propagation into two seasons. Winter and Summer If you can't do one, you can do the other no matter what...
Rabbits in The Garden

Rabbits Running Rampant in Your Backyard? Smart Tips to Keep Them at Bay

You may never see them. They sneak in silently once the sun goes down. They ravage your delicate garden and stunning landscape. If you do happen to catch a glimpse, they'll run fast as...
Crop Rotation

Vegetable Rotation Using Crop Rotation Chart Yields More Abundant Harvests

You may wonder whether vegetable crop rotation is even important in a normal backyard garden. However, long years of trial in organic gardens has shown vegetable rotation to have many benefits, many of which...

Growing Organic Cabbage

Cabbage is a staple every gardener should grow, and it's not hard to learn to grow cabbage. It does help to have some basic know-how, though. In this article we'll reveal how to avoid...
Tick Removal

Tick Removal: How to Safely Get Them Out

Warmer weather brings with it barbecues, camping and sunny days on the water. It also increases the activity of ticks, especially near wooded areas. Ticks are a concern because of the increase in the number...
Growing Lettuce

Growing Lettuce

Plant in Spring and Again in Summer for Cool Weather Harvests There are few things more refreshing than a salad of sweet, crisp, spring lettuce fresh from the garden--unless it's fall lettuce fresh from the...
Planting Cannage Seeds

Planting Organic Cabbage Seeds for Spring and Fall Harvest

Organic cabbage seeds will produce heads up to 8 pounds in size under proper conditions. They can be chopped into salads, used in stir fry, cooked with hamburger into Runzas or made into sauerkraut....
Growing Tea Herbs

Growing Tea Herbs – Leaves to Blend and Brew

By growing your own tea herbs you can have almost endless variations of herbal teas.
Growing Herbs for Profit

Growing Herbs for Profit

You have planted your herb garden with all your favorite herbs. They are thriving; you are enjoying the zing and zest they are adding to your meals. You' are also reading all you can about...
Wild Strawberries

Wild Strawberries – Interesting Facts About the Virginia Strawberry

During the Middle Ages in Europe the Romans enjoyed the taste of wild strawberries. Wild strawberries were first discovered by the Europeans when they sailed to North America and landed in Virginia in the...

Unusual Uses for Your Summer Greenhouse

We tend to think of greenhouses as spaces devoted to growing plants, but they have other uses as well. If plants aren’t growing in your greenhouse during these hottest months of the year-- or...
Basil Fly Repellent

Basil Fly Repellent

A potted plant of basil on the windowsill helps to deter flies from entering your home. Photo. Pixabay
Growing Strawberries

Growing Strawberries in The Home Garden

Strawberries are the number one fruit crop for home plant­ings. Strawberries may also be grown as a cash crop in large home plantings. On the other hand strawberries are a versatile, highly nutritious fruit. One...