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Planting Bulbs for Springtime Flowers

Its time to start planning ahead for a dazzling showcase of spring flowers. Plant an assortment of spring blooming bulbs before the first frost such as Lily of the Valley, Daffodils, Tulips, Crocuses, Bearded Irises, and my favorite flower the Hyacinth.

Planting Bulbs

To Plant:

Dig a hole about 6-8 inches deep and twice as wide as the bulb. Mix some compost and some bone meal into the soil, generally plant 2-3 inches apart. Place bulb in the hole with the tip of bulb up. Fill in the hole with soil, firm soil down. Water well. In cold climates add a layer of mulch about 2 inches.

Success Tips

Spring Flowers
Spring flowers – Photo. Tiia Pakk


Culture: Flowers in spring, requires full sun or partial shade. Well drained soil. Sprinkle bone meal over bulbs. If you plant bulbs 2 inches deeper than recommended, you will have daffodils grow back every year.

Poisonous. All parts, especially the bulb. Symptoms of poisoning; abdominal pains, diarrhea, & vomiting.

Lily of the Valley

Culture: Flowers mid-spring, requires full sun to partial shade. Well drained moist soil. It is a ground cover, so allow room for it to spread.

To propagate: Divide plants and replant.

Poisonous. All parts. Symptoms of poisoning upset stomach, irregular heartbeat.


Culture: Flowers late winter – early spring, requires full sun or partial shade. Well drained soil.

About Crocuses


Culture: Flowers early spring, requires sun or light shade. Well drained soil. In early summer, dig up bulbs dry and store in a cool dark place until fall.

To propagate: Pull small bulblets from the base of the bulb then replant.

Poisonous. Bulb.

Bearded Irises

Culture: Flowers early – late spring, requires full sun & well drained soil.

To propagate: Every few years cut the rhizome into several pieces with each section having a few leaves and roots. Replant pieces.

Herb Garden Plants: Lily-of-The-Valley Heart’s Friend


Culture: Flowers early spring, requires partial sun – partial shade.

Poisonous. Bulb.

A sure sign that spring is just around the corner is when colorful blooms of crocuses gently peek through the white snow.

Photo. Suzy Hazelwood



  1. I must say that most flowering bulbs prefer full sun, but that can be almost anywhere in the spring, before the trees leaf out. So don’t overlook a spot that seems perfect.


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