The Lavender Lady

The Lavender Lady

At lavender harvest time, you still can seen ladies with big baskets on their arms walking the streets of old Europe. Their baskets are filled with intriguingly scented fresh lavender stalks nicely bundled, and fresh lavender buds in fine linen sachets. Passer-bys can’t resist to buy such treasure.

It is a reminiscence of old times when life was teaming in the streets. Merchants were carrying their ware on their backs. Others were offering their merchandise on street corners. They are all gone now…

But the lavender lady is still alive. Walking down the streets, sometimes gently singing, sometimes calling out: “Fresh lavender! Who buys my lavender?” Their long flowing skirts remind of gypsies. Eyes fiery, but their hearts are gentle and cheerful.

Lavender has many health benefits

It’s said that lavender has the power to transform dark thoughts into light and happy ones. It may be the lovely purple coloured buds that touch a heart. But it certainly is the magical scent of lavender that uplifts one’s heart and refreshes the senses.

Lavender is said to soothe a stressed mind and help a restless person to fall asleep.

Interestingly, lavender also awakens and refreshes the senses. It casts away dull thoughts, or even headaches.

Again others report, lavender taken in honey will calm a person and helps with digestion.

Lavender is used to brighten the scent of linen and ban moths from the closet.

Lavender is also used in natural cleaning supplies to powerfully clean and protect.

Lavender enhances beauty creams, soaps and bath gels with its enchanting scent.

And magical lavender is proven to “heal a wound without a scar.”

Lavender is truly a magical plant. But be forewarned. Not every bottle of “lavender” is true lavender oil. Hybrids (lavandin), adulterated or synthetic “lavender” oil cannot have the same wellness effect than true lavender. Some may even be harmful to your health.

Only use a lavender oil from a source you trust. I only trust and recommend Young Living Essential Oils and its lavender oil, because I know the source and have used it successfully for over 10 years.

Young Living lavender oil offers the purity and value of organically grown lavender loved and treasured by the Lavender Lady of old.

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