5 Reasons to Join a Knitting Group

Friendly knitters will gladly answer some of your knitting questions, and get the help you need. Here are 5 reasons to join a knitting group.

Making Soy Candles

Whether you are making soy candles for business, for gifts, or for personal use, they are well worth experimenting with and the demand for them is constantly growing.

Different Types of Wool from Alpaca Farming

Alpacas produce different types of wool than other animals and are sought after for their uniqueness.

How to Make Money with Crochet or Knitting

Someone once said that if you can find something you enjoy doing, and then learn how to make money off of it, you'll never have to work another day of your life!

Crafting Different Uses for Your Food Dehydrator – 10 Ideas to Get You Started

Create beautiful and unique crafts using your dehydrator. Now is the time for crafting - try these 10 ideas for a quick start.

Five Outdoor Activities for The Entire Family to Enjoy

The kids are home... it's a beautiful day outside... it's time to get crafting! Let's start the craft ideas countdown!

Craft Ideas for Your Wine Bottles

For the crafter in you, turn wine bottles into fun projects,or even profit, with a few more of these great ideas to try.

Knitting Needles, Looms, and Machines for Beginners

Lets have some fun, creating, learning or sharing these great fiber arts. Whether for personal use, gift giving, charity, or earning some extra income, yes you can learn to knit.

How to Turn Your Knitting Hobby Into a Small Business

Passionate about knitting? We'll give you some simple ideas for how to turn your knitting hobby into a small business!

How to Cut Flowers for Display

Simple tips and ideas of how to cut flowers and make them last longer.

Drying Lavender

Drying lavender is really very simple and can be easy and enjoyable to do. Two to three lavender plants should yield enough for simple home needs.

Make Beeswax Candles

Learn how to make all natural and environmentally friendly beeswax candles.
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