Spa Recipes

Watermelon Banana Mask

This banana mask will help reduce skin inflammation while making the skin soft as the watermelon works its magic as an oil-free moisturizer.

Watermelon Sugar Scrub Body Polish

This body scrub will make your body glow with gentle exfoliation from the sugar and the cleansing properties of watermelon!

Natural Deodorant – Why It’s Time to Ditch The Anti-Perspirant

There are natural options for absorbing moisture and preventing odor causing bacteria from growing in the underarm area. Here's how to make your own.

7 Favorite Essential Oils for The Soles of The Feet

If you're wanting to experiment with essential oils, putting them on the soles of the feet is one of the safest applications.

Essential Natural Beauty Tips

Check out these three essential natural beauty tips to help you keep your skin looking fresh throughout Spring.

DIY: 5 Easy Steps to Make Rose Water

A rose does so much more than make a woman happy on special occasions. Rose water has components that will absolutely surprise you with healing wonders.

How to Make Bath Bombs and Sell Them

How to create, package and sell hand crafted bath bombs.

How to Make Natural Products Using 5 Essential Oils or Less

Enjoy using essential oils and making your own recipes that give you products that are quick and simple to make.

Benefits of a Sea Salt Body Scrub with Essential Oils

How to make a body scrub that exfoliates the skin.

Homemade Facial Masks for Dry Skin

The recipes I am going to sharel are the ones my ancestors used to practice when there were no facial masks at the shops.

Ginger Bath Recipe with Zing!

Put a little zing into your next bath! You can create homemade bath recipes that will allow you to enjoy all the health benefits of a soak at the spa in your very own tub!

How to Use Beetroot for Pink Lips

Who doesn't like to have pink luscious lips? And if it can come easily with beetroot, so much the better.
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