Make Your Own Natural Lavender Bath Salts

Make Your Own Natural Lavender Bath Salts

If you love soaking your stresses away in a hot, fragrant tub, then you’ll want to save this recipe for lavender bath salts. It’s quick and simple to make, for yourself or as a gift.

Lavender has been used for bathing since at least the Romans. In fact, the word lavender comes from the Latin word “lavo”, which means “to wash”. Lavender is used often in aromatherapy to help aid relaxation and sleep, so it’s a natural choice when you need a stress-melter.

This recipe also uses Epsom salt, which contains the natural muscle relaxer and adrenalin and blood pressure reducer magnesium sulfate. So be warned…after a bath with these salts, you’re going to be ready for a nice, long nap!

In a large glass bowl, mix together 2 cups of Epsom salt, 2 cups of sea salt or coarse salt, and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. If you like, add about 4 drops of red and 5 drops of blue food coloring (or more, for a deeper color) and stir it up well.

Spread the salt on a long piece of waxed paper and let them dry. Or, you can line a cookie sheet and dry them in a warm oven. The more you dry them, the less chance of them clumping up later when you store them.

Once dry, pour the salts into a pretty glass jar with a lid. Use as much as you like in your bath!

If you want to give lavender bath salts as a gift, add some lavender flowers or buds in the mixture after the salts have been dried, and include a few small muslin or other loosely-woven cloth bags, so that in the bath the flowers will not end up caught in the drain. The bather can then pour the salts and buds into the bag and either hang it from the faucet when filling up the bath, or tossing the bag in the water to steep, like a tea bag.

Lavender bath salts are so easy to make…and you can easily double the recipe or more if you buy the salts in bulk. Enjoy!

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