Beauty Treatments Using Ingredients from Home

Beauty Treatments Using Ingredients from Home

For the perfect idea of luxury in your own home, you can choose to spend a fortune somewhere like Bath and Body Works, or you can try a little DIY home spa beauty of your own. I don’t want to be seen to be critical of Bath and Body Works, the products are really great, but with a restricted budget I sometimes have to be innovative and create my own bath and body treatments.

My favorite DIY beauty routine is a spa day complete with a nonsurgical facelift that anyone can do and certainly can afford.

First Step: It’s Easy to Make your own Bubble Bath

Bubble bath is simple to make and fast! This one also has a little more kick than a bubble bath that you might purchase in your average supermarket. All you need to be lathering yourself in delicious bubbles is a lemon, 1 egg white, a packet of unflavored gelatin, a tablespoon of sesame or canola oil, a quarter cup of unscented liquid soap, and some essential oil flavors (my favorites are lime, lemon, orange or grapefruit).

The making part is so easy. Juice the lemon and then lightly beat the egg white. Fold the gelatin into the egg white and then put everything together in a bowl. How simple was that!

Second Step: pH Balance

Bubble baths have a reputation for sometimes leaving skin dry and itchy, and this is something that occurs with some people more than others. Avoid this is very simple, just rinse yourself thoroughly with clear water afterwards. Taking a quick shower will certainly do the trick, or you can choose to have a second bath with a mix of water and some lemon juice. This will return your skin to a more natural, slightly acidic pH level.

Step Three: DIY Beauty Tips

While everyone dreams of Botox treatments, the true home spa goddesses of the world use the gifts all around us. By this I mean the natural skin care ingredients that are in abundance.

Nonsurgical facelifts are best if you ask me, Botox might be OK if you have the unlimited bank balance to keep going back every month or two, but what about the long-term effects of Botox?

The best nonsurgical facelift starts with cucumbers or potatoes: They are fantastic for eye treatments. Start by spritzing your eyes with cold water, and then cut some slices of either cucumber or potato and place them over your eyes as you relax. Some people get better results with cucumbers, while others prefer potatoes. Cucumbers and potatoes are good for soothing puffy eyes, do it while you relax to some great music or just taking a catnap.

Step Four: The Nonsurgical Facelift

To finish your DIY beauty treatment regime, try an egg-white mix which will plump up your skin. This step is just as easy as the other three, beat an egg white until just before it forms soft peaks. Now, dab it softly around your eyes and cheeks, or any other problem spots. It will take about ten minutes to dry, then spritz with cold water before gently removing. To remove the mix you’ll just need a cotton ball and more cold water.

The Author:

Angelynn Gill has a BA in Business, but my interests are targeted more at crafts and alternative medicine. I am a wife and mother, and very much concentrating on the good things in life like health and well being. Being Asian, I’ve grown up with herbal remedies firmly entrenched in my culture. I enjoy sharing this knowledge so that is doesn’t disappear and, at the same time, learning about different types of folk medicine and herbal medicines around the world.

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