Things to Consider When Buying an Historic Home

There are many things to think about and understand when purchasing a home. And when purchasing an historic home, that list often gets much...

Homesteading life

Winter Wild Edibles

Pine Needle Tea has long been a favorite of traditional and indigenous peoples for not only its refreshment value but for its medicinal benefits as well.

Raising Rabbits for Preppers

As part of your preparedness plan or in your quest for off grid living, raising rabbits is an essential member of your livestock community....

What Do Sheep Eat? Keeping Your Sheep Healthy Will Require a Certain Diet

So you've decided to raise sheep for their produce such as for meat or their wool. Part of having a good livestock produce is...

Family and Pets

Natural Dog Arthritis Treatment

Lіke humans, dogs can suffer from the paіns of arthritis. Іf you're a dog owner reluctant to put your loved companіon through a Dog...

Sara Robbins: Pioneer Love Story From My Family

Sara Robbins lived in pioneer times. I saw where she lived. I heard bits and pieces about her love story. As a little girl,...

Reliving Childhood Memories and Fun Times with Our Kids Picnic Tables

As I look at the wooden kids picnic tables we have in the back yard, a number of great childhood memories establish to come...

Preserving food

Marmalade Recipe

Making marmalade is pure self-indulgence for me. Nobody else in our house likes it, but I love the zesty tang of marmalade on hot...

Food Dehydrator Jerky in 7 Steps

What is one of the most expensive per pound items at the store? Beef Jerky. And how can you have the most flavorful beef...

How to Make your own Bread and Butter Pickles with Bell Peppers

It is not too early to be thinking ahead to how you want to preserve summer's bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you...

Cleaning Centre

7 Days to A Cleaner More Organized Home – Part 3 – The Bathrooms

Part 3 on a week long (or short) session of cleaning each room in your home and bringing back some order. We're in the...

The How’s and Why’s of DIY Green Cleaning

We all have been hearing about the detriment to our bodies and our environment from the numerous chemicals in non-ecofriendly, household detergents and cleaners. Key...

Lemongrass Orange Carpet Freshener

Refresh the carpets in your home with this homemade carpet freshener. The baking soda will neutralize odors and the rest will leave a light...

Laundry Made Easy – 7 Simple Tricks That Won’t Let You Down

Laundry day! We dread this day more than anything. When you finally clear through the over piling mountain of dirty clothes, presto, the laundry...

Perfect DIY Method to Clean Grout between Floor Tiles!

A home comprises of a lot of things, of which some adds to its necessity while others add to the beauty of the house....

White Vinegar – Home Remedies

The healing properties of vinegar are remarkable, particularly in the distilled white and apple cider varieties.

Latest Articles

Spring Clean for Healthier Teeth

Use your spring cleaning schedule as a reminder to swap out your toothbrush for a new one. For kids, let them choose a new toothbrush color for each season. Use this time to educate children about their dental health.

Plain Cheesecake Recipe – New York Style

How to make a traditional New York Style cheesecake.

Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

A fresh armload of flowers, the textural branches of a tree and all of nature’s bountiful gifts are sure to spread cheer.

Dips from Around The World

Get the full scoop on some of the world's most delicious cuisines by exploring their local flavours through dips.

Mehndi Art

Traditionally done on the hands and feet, it involves painting beautiful and elaborate patterns with a dye made from crushed leaves of the henna plant.

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning, it's deep cleaning. Something that most people do not have time for all year long.