Types of Apples Used for Cooking

Types of Apples

Individuals have consumed apples for hundreds of years already and until now, the ancestor of today’s apples are still being grown in Kazakhstan where it first came from. This kind of apple is green in color when unripe, and will turn into deep red when it ripens.

These days, there are lots of different types of apples grown from different parts of the globe and even though they might differ from name they all taste good and can be eaten ripe, also used in cooking.

Red Apples

Red apples are a trademark of the American business and are known for their deep red color, thinner in diameter and taller in height, compared to other rounder and smaller varieties. It is a extremely popular snack for many people since it offers a sweet, crisp and powerful flavored snack, especially good in packed lunches. Though not advised to be used in baking its best served raw and eaten ripe.

Golden Apples

The Stark brothers founded the golden apple, they have a thin skin and a very sweet taste much sweeter than the red apple. Also firmer much crisper and juicer compared to the red apples. It is ideal for snacking and is more fulfilling compared to other apples because of its size and taste. Golden apples are also used in baking since its firm texture and sweet taste can hold up nicely even at high temperatures.

Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith apples on the other hand, were the first type of green apples sold in the American marketplace. Its flavor is mild and has a bit of sweetness about it but all round its one delicious apple. These apples can also stand well in extreme pressure from shipping or importing / exporting and can also sit from cold storage for log periods of time. Many people also prefer to use it in cooking, especially when making apple sauce.

Wine Sap Apples

Wine sap apples have a spicy bite in it therefore, giving it a distinctive flavor and an aroma that is similar to that of wine. Not everybody finds it delicious when eaten raw, since its flavor is strong for many consumers. They’re not usually discovered in fruit or grocery stores, there also small in size compared to other apple varieties. Used primarily in baking wine sap apples are great for making sauces.

The Gala Apple

Gala apples have a pleasing aesthetic look, with its golden skin spotted with red. This kind of apple is made by crossing Golden Delicious with Kiddy’s Orange Red. It may also only be found in New Zealand. Yet an additional snacking apple which many prefer because of its mild sweet taste. Many people like it more than Golden Delicious, though its not advisable to use this kind of apple for cooking since it tastes extremely bland when exposed to high temperatures.

Numerous people consider apples to be an important part of a nutritious every day diet plan. You will find a great quantity of advantages provided by the fruit, and its completely up to you to discover which apple you prefer best to add to your daily diet plan.

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