How to Freeze and Use Frozen Broccoli

Freezing broccoli will enable you to have this delicious vegetable on the table long after the season has ended.

Clean The Broccoli

There are simple and easy steps to follow when freezing broccoli. After picking the freshest broccoli you can find, rinse it under running water.

To get rid of the insects hiding in the cluster of florets, soak the head in salted water for about half an hour. Then rinse it again with fresh water until all traces of salt has been removed.

Gently shake the head to remove excess moisture. Cut off all the leaves, ends and tough parts before slicing the broccoli to your preferred size.

Blanch The Broccoli

Now, it is time to blanch the broccoli slices. Pour water in a large pot, put it under medium heat and bring it to a boil. Make sure you wait until the water is really boiling before dropping the florets inside.

If you are blanching florets, scald it in water for about a minute. Stalks that has been peeled or sliced in halves must be blanched for about three minutes. Allowing it to boil longer than the allotted time would make the broccoli cooked, not blanched. It would turn mushy once you add it in dishes later on.

Take the broccoli slices out of the pot and into a basin of cold water to discontinue the cooking process. If you don’t use cold water, the remaining heat inside the broccoli would continue to cook its meat. Let the slices sit in the cold water for another three minutes.

Once the three minutes is over, transfer the broccoli in a colander to get rid of the excess water.

Your Broccoli is Ready for the Freezer

Now, you are ready to freeze them. You can use either a container or a freezer bag to freeze your broccoli. If you are going to use the latter, remove all excess air when packing them. Do not leave any head space-instead, fully pack the bag. Then, seal it tightly.

Pack broccoli into a container of freezer bag.

You do not have to thaw the broccoli before cooking-just use it like it is fresh. Also take note that it has been partially cooked so make sure you do not overcook them.

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