Choosing The Best Cake Stand

Choosing The Best Cake Stand

There is an art to displaying food, especially cakes, so it will pay off to take time choosing the best cake stand. Take a look at any major food magazine and you’ll see that they’ve arranged things in a very particular way. One way to create drama with any food is to utilize different heights. With a little thought you can find a display piece for your cakes that you will be able to use for years to come.

What’s The Occasion?

The most important thing to consider when you go about choosing a display stand for your cake is the occasion. Every occasion will have a different theme and it’s important that the stand match that theme. A wedding for example calls for a much more elaborate display piece than does a casual coffee-and-cake get together with friends.

As you’re shopping it doesn’t hurt to also look for a stand that can be used in multiple ways. It’s certainly possible to find a very elegant cake stand that will work for a wedding as well as for a holiday buffet. You may want to think of having an assortment of stands – one for formal events, one for casual events and one that is more whimsical.

What to Display?

With a cake stand you’re not limited to just displaying a beautifully decorated cake. When you think about your buffet table, consider the different types of foods that may benefit from being on display. With several different types of stands and dessert towers it is possible to highlight several appetizers, cakes, pies and even fruits and cheeses. A pedestal cake stand also works well as the foundation for a floral centerpiece. As you begin to think about all the different ways you can use this versatile tool you may just be surprised.

Types of Cake Stands

There’s no better time to be shopping for a cake display. If you prefer a classic look, consider an antique cake stand. If you’re going for a contemporary theme try a cake pedestal. For weddings and other formal events a tiered cake stand works well. And if you’re considering using one for cupcakes, appetizers or any other non-traditional purpose you can find several unique options that will help you make the most out of your display.

Put nearly any kind of food item on a cake plateau or plate and you’ll make it the center of attention. By thinking carefully about the type of event, as well as the food that will be showcased you can create an integrated display. Why not give it a try? The next time you bake a cake, present it to your family on a beautiful cake stand. Chances are, you’ll hear many more oohs and aahs when it’s time to serve.

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