Sleepover Party Crafts

Sleepover Crafts

Sleepovers are always so much fun because you get to see all of your friends at once. You get to stay up late and play games. But sometimes sleepover parties are a time for kids to cause mischief – and they do so because they are simply given a little too much free time. Here are some fun crafts that are great for sleepover parties that involve the fun of working as a group, but also creating something special that you get to take home. The kids will have fun making the projects but also will have fun knowing they have made a special memento. My niece has a message and doodle pillowcase that is now five years old that she absolutely treasures – and she’s not a “crafter”. You may also spark a bit of creativity in someone that night by offering a craft project – you never know!

Message & Doodle Pillowcases

You will need:

  • Pillowcases – any color
  • Permanent markers
  • Cardboard

Give each child a pillowcase and a piece of cardboard. On each pillowcase they will write their name and a special message to that person. This craft works best if the children begin by writing their own names on their pillowcases, then you can help keep track of whose pillowcases are whose. Have the children write their names all in the same place – such as in the right corner.

Also have some pads of paper handy because some children may want to practice drawing their message or a special doodle that they like to draw, to be sure they get it right. It may also be a good idea to purchase several extra pillowcases in case someone does make a large drawing error, because with permanent markers there is no way to erase your mistakes.

While drawing their name or a message on the pillowcase, have the child place the cardboard in the pillowcase to keep the message from coming through on the other side. You can also use a bunch of sheets of paper; at least five sheets of paper should work. Have each child work on a flat surface like a table, hardwood floor or even the seat part of a chair.

Permanent markers now come in a rainbow of colors – no longer are we stuck with just red, black, blue and green. You can write your message in permanent marker in pink, orange, purple, silver, gold, light green, lavender, deep purple – pretty much any color. Be sure to use permanent markers because the design will remain on the pillowcase through repeated launderings.

Once every child has drawn a message on the pillowcases they are done. The children can then use the pillowcases at the sleepover party they are attending, and they can also take them home.

Design & Doodle Nightshirts

This is a great craft to do in the beginning of the sleepover party. Make sure to do these at least three hours before the children will actually wear them, so that they have ample time to dry. (Hanging them in a warm and dry room will speed this process up also).

For this project you will need:

  • Large white or colored t-shirts
  • Fabric paint
  • Fabric stamps
  • Permanent markers
  • Cardboard

This project the children will have their name in large letters on the front with a stamped design and then autographs and messages from their friends on the back. You may also want to put on the top of the back of the shirt the date and the occasion “Jamie’s 10th birthday party July 11th”.

Give each child a t-shirt and some permanent markers. Have them write their name on the front of their shirt – in a special and fancy way. This will also help to keep track of whose shirt is whose. Then have each child write a message and a doodle to each other on all of the shirts. Put cardboard between the shirt so that the message does not seep through.

Once the children have completed the back, it is time to stamp a design on the front. Put fabric paint out on large paper plates and give each child a fabric stamp. Designs that circle the name are probably best.

After the shirts are completed, lay them to dry flat or hang them as long as the fabric paint does not drip.

Sleepovers are always so much fun. These projects may lead you to create others, or may inspire other projects for your children to enjoy.

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Abigail Beal a.k.a. “the Gift-wrap Goddess” teaches gift wrap in suburban New York.

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