Collecting Found Objects for Vacation Scrapbooks


When it comes to scrapbooking your beach and vacation memories, you can do it the frugal way. While traveling on vacation, look for found objects along the way.

I like to pack in my suitcase a 2 pocket folder with 3 small zipper close plastic bags, as I collect things on our vacation, I can safely organize and store them until we return home.

Tip: For objects that are not acid and lignin free, you will need to purchase a small bottle of archival safe mist. You will want to lightly spray your items and let them air dry before scrapbooking with them.

Here are some objects to collect while on vacation.

1. Sand

Use an empty film canister or other small plastic container to collect a little beach sand. Once you are ready to scrapbook, you can place a little sand in a glassine envelope or paper pouch to use in your scrapbooking layout.

2. Restaurant Menu’s

If you want to save some of those memories of dining out while on vacation, collect some paper menu’s.

3. Beverage Coasters

Collect some paper or cork beverage coasters while eating out, these make great mats on your page layouts.

4. Tiny Seashells and Pebbles

Collect tiny seashells and pebbles while taking your beach walks in a plastic bag. Make sure they are small, smooth and flat in nature so that they don’t bulk up your pages.

5. Hotel Room Keys

These days, a lot of hotels are using those flat plastic cards for room keys. Ask the front desk clerk if you can keep one for a souvenir since most hotels discard them after the guest leaves.

6. Travel Brochures

You can pick up a lot of travel brochures in the hotel lobby or at rest stops along the way. Some of these make great souvenirs for your scrapbooking layouts.

7. Door Knob Maid Service Hanger

I let the front desk clerk know that I collect those door hangers as a souvenir and I always ask for permission to keep one.

8. Travel Maps

You can pick up free travel maps at welcome centers and rest area stops. You can lightly spray them to make them scrapbook safe. I like to cut them up and use as a background accent or for matting vacation photographs.

9. Hotel Guest Goodies

These are the little things that the hotel gives to you that has their business logo on them such as pens, notepads and magnets. These items are left in your room and are free for you to take home.

10. Ticket Stubs

If you visit any movies, amusement parks, zoo’s or other area attractions and get a ticket stub, make sure you keep them for your scrapbook.

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Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager With Tupperware. Shelly enjoys scrapbooking, cardmaking, cross stitch and sewing and can often be found in her craft room during the weekends. You can visit Shelly online at

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