What Are The Best Lemon Trees to Plant in My Yard?

Lemon Trees

Lemon trees are one of the best known fruit-bearing trees. And why would that not be the case, when its fruit is proven to be really beneficial?

Like most trees and plants, the lemon trees are very helpful in making our surroundings more beautiful. Having these plants help in making your surroundings fresher and more airy. This is why many people buy lemon tree.

Plants like these are very helpful in making sure that you would have clean and fresh air everyday. There are various kinds of lemon trees.

These all fall under the citrus trees family. Among others that belong to these species are the orange, lime, and the kumquat trees. Some varieties of lemon that are most loved by many tree enthusiasts are the improved Meyer lemon and dwarf key lime tree.

The Meyer lemon was imported by Mr. Meyer on 1908 from China. It is compact enough that even your urban balcony would have a space for it. This will bear big and juicy fruit at an early age. More than that, it is also great as an ornamental plant. Therefore, you can count on it to make your space even more beautiful.

The dwarf key lime tree is also very good for your balcony and porch as it is small enough to be contained in pots but with fruits that you can not resist.

Aside from the aesthetics benefits for making air fresher and the soil stronger, many people buy a lemon tree, because of the health benefits that it gives. Here are some of the many benefits of these trees.

The fruit is abundant in Vitamin C, which is very helpful in strengthening the immune system. It helps you get rid of the toxins, as it acts as the body’s purifier.

It helps you fight infection, when you eat it regularly. Having a lemon tree around helps you get rid of insects, such as mosquitoes and cockroaches.

Keep lemons handy as it could help stop bleeding of cuts. Lemons have high potassium content which could help those with heart problems and prevent heart ailments from striking.

Aside from the health benefits, lemon trees are also very beneficial in making your home and garden a better place. This tree could give you the right shade to enjoy some outdoor activities with your kids.

The fruits that come from your tree are fresher and you could use these for your family’s consumption. This would not only ensure that the fruit is safe to eat, provided that you used organic fertilizer.

Aside from that, you could also sell the excess fruits to your neighbors. This way, you could get additional income from the plants in your garden.

With all of these benefits and more, it is not surprising that a lot of people choose to plant lemon trees.

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3 thoughts on “What Are The Best Lemon Trees to Plant in My Yard?

  1. Is the author a liberal that is afraid to state their opinion? I see a Question in the TITLE of the piece starting out as WHAT ARE THE BEST… And the paragraphs to follow fail hard to answer the question. Maybe the title should be changed to “Ever consider growing a lemon tree for an ornamental and food?” Because clearly I have wasted time reading something that I already knew, but I was hoping to be swayed one way or another on Eureka vs Meyers…

    Did not happen…

    1. The article does indeed start with a question about the best lemon trees to plant, but it also discusses other relevant information about growing lemon trees. The author provides some general guidance about the differences between Eureka and Meyer lemon trees and suggestions about how to plant them, where to plant them and how to maintain them. While the article may not have provided a definitive answer to the question, it did provide useful information for someone who may be interested in growing lemon trees.

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