How to Grow Apricot Trees

How to Grow Apricot Trees

An apricot tree is certainly one fruit tree that we should have in our homes. Apricots are healthy and they provide the body with vital nutrients for good health. Apricots can also be used as an alternative for healthy weight loss diet regimes. An apricot tree is an early yielding fruit that is self-pollinated meaning you can just have one tree in your home. The tree blossoms with white or pink flowers during the early spring season and later these produce fruits in May. The apricot trees take up to three to four years before they begin to produce fruits after planting. Here are simple and easy steps you can follow when you are ready to plant and apricot tree.

1. Have your apricot tree planted during the beginning of spring to ensure that frost does not affect the plant. Plant the tree in a place that receives plenty of sunlight everyday.

2. Use a garden fork or pick to soften the soil and prepare it for planting the tree. Remove the soil with a shovel and place compost into the hole. This is one way to ensure that the soil drains well.

3. Prepare the tree and place it in the whole that you have made with the pick and shovel and go on to evenly spread out the roots of the tree.

4. Just after planting you must proceed to water your plant immediately. Use a garden hose to soak the soil of the plants when watering it and you may do these by allowing the garden hose to soak the soil for about an hour; this is one way to ensure that the roots are provided with deep watering. This watering should be done weekly. When the plant begins to yield fruits the watering must be doubled to twice a week and there is no need for watering the plant in winter.

5. You must apply fertilizer to the tree just after planting. You can make use of natural organic fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen. You are not supposed to add fertilizes to the plant till its first fruiting. You must also apply the fertilizer during spring just at the beginning of the flowering.

6. Keep the bottom of the tree free of weeds and grass. Mulching is important, you must apply a 3- to 4-inch layer of grass or leave mulch to the based and this is one way to get rid of weeds and retain moisture.

7. Prune the tree of any side roots or shoots. You must prone the tree in the first years of planting the tree. You may remove cross over branches or those that are rubbing against each other.

By following these useful tips you will certainly be ready to grow a healthy fruit for a healthy diet plan. Apricots are certainly healthy fruits that you should add to your diet so make sure that you have one in your garden and you can save money.

As you work to achieve healthy eating habits, you will find that you have more energy and feel better everyday. It is important to create the right habits if you want long-term success!

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