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Do Foods or Nutrients Protect Skin from Sun Damage?

Are there foods or nutrients that can protect my skin from damage due to sun exposure?

Sleep and Weight Loss

Is it true that getting more sleep could help me lose weight?

Processed Meats and Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Q: I know sausage and hot dogs are linked with colon cancer risk. Is it true that they’re linked with risk of diabetes, too?

Effectiveness of Spot Reducing

Q: My friend says that spot reducing exercises can’t really target fat at particular areas of the body. Is that true?

Grapefruit and Breast Cancer Risk

Q: Is it true that grapefruit could affect breast cancer risk?

What Are Good Tortilla Choices?

Q: Are wheat tortillas a good choice as I try to eat whole grains more often? Do the ones with spinach and tomato offer extra nutrition?

Interval Training and Exercise Recommendations

Q: Is it true that interval training is better than regular aerobic forms of exercise? If so, how does that fit with the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity?

Low Fat Diets and Weight Loss

Q: I’m confused by the changing headlines: are low-fat diets the best way to lose weight?

How Much Soy is Added to Bars and Cereals

Q: I see soy protein in the ingredients of so many breads, bars, cereals and other foods now. Is that likely to push me above what is considered moderate consumption of soy?

Using Pedometers to Become More Active

Q: Do pedometers really help if you want to be more active?

Whole Grain Foods and Sodium Content

Q: I’d like to eat more whole grains, but I need to limit sodium, and many are surprisingly high in sodium. What do you suggest?

How to Use Quinoa

Q: I’ve been seeing something called "quinoa" recommended as a healthy side dish. What is it and what would I do with it?
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