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Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss

Q: Will adopting a vegetarian diet help me lose weight?

Getting Enough Calcium with Plant Based Diet

Q: If I follow a plant-based diet, how can I meet my calcium needs?

Meaning of Other Carbohydrates Listed on Nutrition Label

Q: Sometimes I see food labels list “other carbohydrate.” What are they and is it something I’m supposed to get more of or limit??

Stopping Exercise and Losing Fitness

Q: I got too busy to exercise for a few weeks. Have I lost all that I worked for, or can I pick up where I left off?

Flavoring Healthy Foods without Adding Lots of Calories

Q: Is adding Parmesan cheese a good way to add flavor to salads and other healthy foods without adding a lot of calories?

Tai Chi and Health Benefits

Q: It seems like more and more people are trying Tai Chi. Does this kind of slow exercise really have any health benefits? A: Tai...

Popularity of Kale in Recipes

Q: Recipes and nutrition articles everywhere are promoting kale, a vegetable I never even heard of until recently. Is it really that great? A: Kale...

What is Moderate Physical Activity?

Q: How hard do I have to be working for activity to be considered “moderate”? A: The intensity of activity considered moderate depends on your...

How Much Nutrition Do I Lose by Using Frozen Spinach Instead of Fresh?

Q: How much nutrition do I lose by using frozen spinach instead of fresh?

I Want to Lose Weight, but When I Get Too Hungry, I Overeat.

Q: I want to lose weight, but when I get too hungry, I overeat. How can I tell when to ignore the urge versus...

Is Alcohol Helpful or Harmful to Blood Pressure?

Q: Is alcohol helpful or harmful to blood pressure? A: The most important lifestyle influences on keeping a healthy blood pressure are weight control, regular...

How Can I Avoid Overeating at Family Gatherings

Q: How can I avoid overeating in response to people pushing food at me during family gatherings? A: Family dynamics vary, so an approach that...
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