5 Natural Remedies for Eye Allergy Relief

Did you know that allergies can affect the eyes? As a matter of fact the burning sensation, itchiness, bulging eyelids and watery eyes could be a result of allergies. Eye allergies can be bothersome and distressing. The good thing is you don’t have to visit the doctor if you suffer from itchy, red and teary eyes. You can treat allergies that affect the eye the same way you would treat other allergies like nasal congestion using natural allergy relievers.

Allergies that affect the eyes are also known as ocular or conjunctivitis allergies. Statistics show that one in every five individuals has allergic eyes. Despite the allergies causing distraction to the way you run you daily affairs, they are nothing serious apart from blurred vision, which is mostly short-term.

There are a number of factors that can lead to eye allergies including infections and other problems that pose serious threat to the eyesight like eye floaters. There are two types of allergies that affect the eye namely preferential and seasonal allergies.

Seasonal Allergies

These are the most common allergies. Just like the name suggests, they only occur at certain times of the year usually at the onset of spring all through the summer heading into autumn. Allergens are present in the air like grass pollen, spores and trees are linked to causing these allergies once the eyes are exposed to them.

Perennial Allergies

These occur all year long. Exposing your eyes to dust, mites, animal’s dander and feathers are the major causes of perennial diseases. Chlorine, cosmetics, smoke and perfumes and some medicines are among other causes.

Most of the time you will know the cause of eye allergies is like when dust sweeps across your eyes or when a flurry animal climbs on top of you for instance. As harmless as they may be it’s important you address eye allergies with natural allergy eyes relievers before they turn into eye diseases.

Nonetheless you don’t have to rush to the doctor when you have these allergies. You can use some readily available natural remedies to correct the problem.

Here are Five Natural Remedies for Allergy Eyes Relief:


This is a very powerful herb and extra caution should be taken when using it. Soak it in relatively warm water for about 10 to 15 minutes to get a cayenne concoction. Since the herb is powerful you will only need to use small amounts of it. A little eyewash from this herb works like magic when it comes to relieving allergies that affect the eyes.

Apart from easing the irritation that allergies bring, cayenne enhances blood circulation in the eyes which in effect increases the amount of oxygen in the eyes. Good circulation of blood in the eyes also helps the eyes get rid of harmful toxins thereby letting the eyes clean themselves.


Yes, you guessed it right. This herb got its name from its ability to not only enhance eyesight but to offer relief to allergic eyes. It effectively shrinks any irritated tissues and calms swollen mucous membranes due to it antiseptic properties. Eyebright is even more effective if it is combined with cayenne.

Red Raspberry Leaves

Just like eyebright, red raspberry works by decreasing the size of inflamed tissues, and soothing inflamed eyelids and eyeballs. These leaves are great allergy relievers and relive pain as well. To prepare an eye wash from these leaves, pound them gently to get the green extract before proceeding to mix it with lukewarm water. Wash the eyes with this mixture at least twice a day. Regular use will ensure that your eyes are relived of any pain or irritation.


You may have used honey in the past to deal with other infections. Did you know that you can use honey to give your eyes some reprieve brought about by allergic infection as well? To achieve maximum effectiveness, start by soaking your eyes with cold water repetitively and then wipe small amounts of honey on the eyes using a soft material.

Eye Exercises

Performing exercises to the eye not only strengthens the eye muscles, it also improves vision, but is also great when it comes to providing allergy relief. There are a number of exercises which you can use and the most common and easiest to do is to compress your eyes with your cold palms one eye at a time. This will increase the amount of moisture in the eyes and may also trigger tears. Any foreign material like dust particles that may be causing irritation and redness comes out of the eye as the tears flow out.

Just like any other form of allergies, eye allergies are brought about by an abnormal activity in the body’s immune system. This usually starts when the mucous membrane found in the lines situated beneath the eyelid gets in contact with any foreign material. Though the objects pose no threat to the eye, the body sees them as threats.

In an attempt to get rid of the threat, the body produces antibodies that result in a release of histamine among other substances. The resulting effect is that your eyes become red, watery and itchy. Eye allergies just like thyroid eye disease are autoimmune. You may experience eye allergies alone or they might be combined with nasal allergy symptoms as well.

To reduce your chances of getting affected by eye allergies and how you can improve your eyesight naturally find out which external factors trigger the condition and simply avoid them. Like previously stated eye allergies don’t pose any serious threat to your eyesight. The information provided above sheds light on what exactly leads to this allergies and what happens.

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