Herbs and Spices That Help Prevent Hair Loss

Herbs and Spices That Help Prevent Hair Loss

Did you know that herbs and spices can also be used in preventing hair loss? This is why it could be right time for you to hit the kitchen first and try out these simple and natural solutions to avoid excessive hair shedding.

Back in the days when high-end medications are simply but a dream, people use herbs and spices to remedy the problem. For those of you today who may be fed up with modern medicine not working, it might be time to stick our noses to herbal solutions and treatments.


Thanks to the thymo and carvacrol content in oregano, this particular herb can be used as a natural remedy to dandruff. It can also help untangle hair preventing breakage as you comb.

You simply prepare this by simmering half a cup of fresh oregano leaves to one cup water. Once it is cooled, pour it into a spray bottle for easier application. Aside from improving the strength of your hair this also encourages better shine.

Oregano may also have a tendency to dry hair out, but you can buffer this by adding vanilla extract.


You can use rosemary to aid in hair growth while slowing down or preventing hair thinning. All you need to do is boil rosemary leaves into a tea using water or apple cider vinegar. This is actually a method used in the Mediterranean region, and it can be used as a good hair wash that can prevent hair graying.

You can also use carrier oils like coconut, olive or jojoba, and infuse rosemary leaves and use it as a leave on hair oil.

Gingko Biloba

This particular herb is popular for improving blood circulation. As the blood flow in the scalp area improves, so does hair growth. This keeps the hair follicle strong as the blood feeds it with the necessary nutrients.


This herb can prevent baldness because it has properties that help in strengthening the hair. It is advised that you apply your hair with clary sage oil in between your shampoos to give you stronger hair. In addition to that, it might even darken the shade of graying strands.


Did you know that thyme actually contains the most iron among all the other herbs and spices? Just one tablespoon will already provide your hair with 5 grams of nutrients to keep it strong because of its healthy iron content. Aside from adding it to food thyme also does its anti-hair loss duties when it is massaged directly on the scalp.


The essential oil that can be made out of this herb is useful because of its antiseptic action. You can regularly massage cedar oil infused with either almond or laurel oil to the scalp and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

Saw Palmetto

This herb prevents hair loss because it found to disrupt the formation of DHT or dihydrotestosterone, the hormone responsible for hair loss. Men who suffer from mild to moderate baldness may benefit from this, however further studies needs to be made for this claim.

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10 thoughts on “Herbs and Spices That Help Prevent Hair Loss

    1. Yes, gingko biloba can be taken in supplement form or used as a tea to potentially aid in hair loss prevention. It is believed to improve blood circulation, which can be helpful for hair growth.

  1. Again we go back to the ancient times. The natural medicinal herbs and plants can never replace its effective treatment process with any of them present today. Their usage offers the best results that are long-lasting too!!

    1. Ancient medicinal herbs and plants have been used for centuries and have proven to be effective for many health issues, including hair loss. It’s great to see people appreciating the long-lasting results they can offer.

  2. It is neither ancient or modern, the use of natural herbs always gives us good results. But it is us people who are not considering the benefits. We always go behind the costly cosmetics and skin care treatments for quick relief and comfortable application. But their side effects will pop only after a particular period. And then we will be in such a condition where there is no going back. Herbal hair care solutions are always healthy, effective and long lasting. Thanks a lot for sharing such a beautiful post.

    1. You’re absolutely right! Natural herbs have a lot to offer, but unfortunately, many people overlook their benefits in favor of expensive cosmetics and treatments. Herbal hair care solutions are not only effective but also healthier and more sustainable in the long run. It’s great to see this post shedding light on their advantages.

  3. The causes for hair loss are many, Sometimes improper styling, Prolonged use of hair straighteners can weaken the hair and gradually cause bald patches.Really a great info.

    1. Hair loss can indeed have various causes, including improper styling and prolonged use of certain hair tools. It’s important to take care of our hair and scalp to prevent or minimize hair loss. I’m glad you found the information useful.

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