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Soap Cutter – Making Homemade Soap

Are you looking for the right soap cutter? There are different types of cutters: air soap cutters, manual soap cutters, loaf soap cutters and hand soap cutters. Some just use a butcher knife or chefs knife for cutting through their soaps!

Professional air soap cutters are pneumatically driven. Soap loaves are cut into hundreds of bars in minutes. It cuts hot process and cold process soaps with ease, but not used for melt and pour or glycerin soap. It’s a quiet and powerful soap cutter!

Professional manual soap cutters can cut a large block of soap into perfect sized bar in minutes. It has a manual cutter with a custom designed grid table top for loaves and bars. Cuts cold process and hot process soaps with ease. It’s not used for melt and pour or glycerin soap.

Loaf soap cutters have platform base with custom wire spacing. Just place the loaf on the base, raise the bar handle and the many spaced wires come down to cut the loaf of soap into multiple bars. There is no set up required for this type of cutter. It’s not recommended to use with melt and pour, glycerin soaps.

Hand soap cutters come in smooth and wavy, (crinkle cut), blades. They have nice handles to prevent slippage when holding. Their sharp, deep and wide stainless steel blade cuts individual bars from loaves of soaps, easily. These soap cutters can be used with melt and pour, cold process and hot process soaps. They are excellent to use for individual, small or large batches of soap.

Half Round Slicers are available for cutting entire soap loaves or individual soap bars into half moon shapes. No set up is required. Used for newly de-molded soap.

Soap Edgers are used to smooth the corners and edges of soap. A rounded edge is more comfortable for handling. Just glide the soap edger along the soap for a clean professional look. Catch the shavings in a bowl for a no messy clean up. Uses no wires, no need to clean off soap build-up, convenient and easy to use. Some prefer using a soap edger to using a soap beveler or, even, a potato peeler.

Soap Cutter Tip:

Make sure your cutter has a very sharp blade and is able to cut, all the way through, the thickness of your soaps.

Whether you have a soap making business or just enjoy making homemade soap, as a fun hobby, invest in a good soap cutter. It can make a big difference in the appearance of your finished soap products. Using the proper soap making equipment saves you time and money!

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