Soap Making – How To Make Soap Crayons

Soap Making - How To Make Soap Crayons

The kids are home and they are bored. They don’t want to play indoor games or make cookies. However, all kids love to play in the bath. Let them help you make soap crayons, so they can be creative and have fun in the bath afterwards. This can be an ideal project for wet days or holidays and make the whole family happy. The recipe is below but of course can be adapted to your liking.

  • First take a bar of soap your children normally use for their sensitive skin and let them grate it into a large bowl, until you have about one cup (watch little fingers when grating or help them with it).
  • Divide the grated soap into 4 smaller bowls or cups.
  • Add a very small amount of warm water. Ask your child to dip their hands into the warm water and shake it into a small bowl and then add food coloring to their choice. Each of the four bowls can be different colours.
  • Stir the contents and then scoop out the blob of soap and knead until it becomes as soft as play dough. If it is still stiff, just add some more warm water but not too much.
  • Now the fun begins. Get your children to break off small pieces from the soap blob and then they can roll them into crayon shapes. If they want to be creative they can also make them into a stick man or anything they normally make when using play dough.
  • Place the finished masterpieces on a baking sheet and place into your freezer for 10 minutes.
  • Remove them and then place them in a cool dry spot for a day, to harden ready for use.

This can be so much fun for everyone involved in the making of them. If you child is too small to make the shapes himself, either show or help him roll the crayons or even press small amounts into shaped ice-cube containers. If using ice-cube containers or candy moulds, remember to spray with cooking spray and they will pop out easily.

They can experiment another time by making other colours – mixing yellow and blue coloring to make green or red and blue to make purple crayons. The ideas are unlimited.

After using these soap shapes to bath with, I think you will find, this will be a craft they will want to do over and over again.

Have fun with your children and involve them in crafts. They are being creative and enjoying themselves.

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