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Carrot Thai Soup


In the fall and early winter, nothing warms the tummy or the spirit quite like a flavourful bowl of soup. And while chicken noodle soup is a common go-to, after a few bowls many of us want to try something a little different. Spice up your family’s food life with this carrot Thai soup, made rich and creamy with some evaporated milk — an ingredient that isn’t just for desserts.

Warm Up Your Fall with These Apple Cider Recipes


Autumn is often a time of cold, grey weather. Fortunately it is also apple harvest time, and the season for keeping warm with comforting food and drinks. Enjoy reassuring recipes for body and soul featuring Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider Mix in K-Cup pods for the Keurig system, which combine fall pleasures to perfection.

Collard Greens Tagine with Chickpeas and Olives


Developed by Dana Jacobi – A Something Different recipe

This warming vegetarian stew pairs the goodness of whole grains with a richly spiced sauce and plenty of plant protein. Collard greens are excellent sources of fiber, folate and a wide range of cancer-fighting carotenoids. Pulses like chickpeas are packed with fiber, protein and other beneficial phytonutrients. Add winter squash, carrots, and bell pepper to the mix and no one will miss the meat.

Asian Savoy Cabbage and Shiitake Mushroom Soup


The secret to fantastic soup is its stock or broth. Stock differs from broth in that it has a richer, more intense flavor because bones and/or vegetables are roasted and then simmered for longer periods. Meat stock has a thicker, more gelatinous quality from bone collagen. However, in this recipe we are using low-sodium vegetable stock that has a deeper, less salty flavor than low-sodium vegetable broth, making a darker, more velvety soup base.

Warming Beef Stew for a Chilly Night: A Slow Cooker Recipe


There was frost on the lawn this morning and snow showers are coming. When the weather gets colder Minnesotans like me start to think of hot soups and stews. Some consumers buy commercial soup and stew, but I prefer to make my own because I can control the ingredients and the salt.

Carrot Squash Soup

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Hearty soup offers a delicious health boost

The new <30 Days app from the Heart and Stroke Foundation offers simple daily challenges to help you live a healthier life.

One challenge suggests eating an orange vegetable. Orange veggies and fruit have been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, thanks to their high vitamin and mineral content.

7 Soups for 7 Days


Soup is on! Serve a bowl of hearty goodness any day of the week.

Lemon Soup with Brown Rice


We naturally seek soothing soups during cold winter months, and especially when we are under the weather with a flu or a cold. Quickly whip up this light yet satisfying soup with just a few kitchen staples – lemons, eggs, frozen brown rice and chicken broth.

South American Peanut Soup


Savory dishes made with peanuts are surprisingly appealing. I discovered this via a recipe from Benin, in West Africa, in which fish filets or chicken breasts are simmered in spicy peanut tomato sauce. The robust and fiery result is good, even using thick slabs of tofu if you prefer a vegetarian main dish.

Avocado Zucchini Summer Soup


Move over gazpacho, there’s another refreshing cold summer soup made with zucchini and avocado. Just as gazpacho makes delightful use of summer’s bounty of tomatoes, this soup showcases zucchini and avocado, also abundant during the summer.

Celery Root and Parsnip Soup


Two Ugly Roots Make Beautiful Soup

When the weather turns cool, I eat soup almost every day. Now, after cooking many pots of chunky Eight Vegetable Soup, hearty Chicken Soup with Buckwheat and green Broccoli Rabe with Pasta, I needed to make something, well, different.

Sweet Potato Bean Soup


The fusion of sweet potatoes, chickpeas and cannellini beans makes for an unexpected winter treat. Sweet and nutty flavors mingle in this homemade soup with delightful textures and warm, inviting colors. Easy to make, this delicious soup is loaded with cancer-protective nutrients.

Southwestern Bean Soup


Most recipes call for canned beans as though they were the only option. Using them is exquisitely convenient, but making dried beans is almost as easy. Hear me out, please, before you click away.

Lime and Chicken Soup with Avocado


Combine chicken with lime and a medley of vegetables and herbs to enjoy an unusual soup that is healthy and satisfying. Although the underlying flavor is powered by the chicken, it is the lime juice that adds that decidedly south of the border taste.

Chinese Pork and Mushroom Stew

Chinese Pork and Mushroom Stew

Use fresh shrooms:

In this typical Chinese dish, you need to make sure that you use fresh shitake mushrooms. You can find them in some grocery stores and Asian markets. The five-spice powder and hoisin sauce are common ingredients found in most grocery stores.

Zuppa Minestrone – Recipe

minestrone-Jack Botticelli

There are all kinds of minestrone soup (zuppa) recipes. It is basically the beef-vegetable soup of Italy. It started out as a way for the poor people of Italy to make due on the limited vegetables they had access to. The soup dates back to the Roman times when soldiers ate it as a staple. But the soup has evolved through the decades, and become a hearty soup popular throughout the world especially after the new world was discovered. Tomatoes and potatoes were brought back from Peru, and, by the 1500s, became additions to many minestrone recipes. I have tried many recipes and gradually expanded on our family recipe through the years. I suggest that you try different vegetables each time you make it to determine what suits you best.

Fennel and Mushroom Soup


Cooking vegetables in season is smart. Fennel, plentiful from fall through spring, is a wise choice for a cold weather soup. With its mild anise-like flavor coupled with the meaty umami quality of mushrooms, fennel is delicious in this robust vegetable soup.

How to Make Carrot Soup


Carrot soup is a good winter warmer which is quick and easy to make. You can substitute the vegetable stock with chicken stock if you have some homemade stock in the freezer.

Introduce Your Soup Pot to Lima Beans


Fresh lima beans are still in season. To me, that is good news since I like their nutty, almost sweet taste and creamy heart. But fresh limas, sometimes also known as butter beans, are hard to find and tedious to shell, so let’s look at another way to enjoy this smart bean.

Soup’s On


Fall is the beginning of soup season. From now through the winter months, a pot of soup is an easy answer to, “What’s for dinner?”

Crockpot Potato Soup


It’s hard to believe some people can’t cook, as simple as cooking is. I think a lot of people make cooking harder than it is or maybe it’s just laziness. Some people may feel there is a lot of work involved with cooking. That is why I love sharing ways I cook meals at home that only takes about 30 minutes preparation time. If you can cut or chop some ingredients and mix them all together then you can cook; no excuses.

Hearty Orange Squash Soup


We came up with this dish when the parental units brought home enough squash and pumpkin to feed Iceland. They were EVERYWHERE in the garage, something had to be done! It’s a warm, fantastic winter soup. I also tried to stick with similar colored vegetables/spices, to keep the squash’s bright orange color.

Chilled Green Pea and Watercress Soup


Watercress Is the New Superstar

Kale has had its power food moment. Now watercress deserves the spotlight, or so declared The Washington Post recently, citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent list of 41 fruits and vegetables ranking watercress Number One based on its nutrient content. Here is the full list and CDC’s definition of Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables.

Variety of Delicious Homemade Potato Soups


I was not very fond of having soup before meals. But, once I tasted a potato soup at my friend’s weekend party and I simply fell in love with its wonderful taste. Since then, soup has become an integral part of my meals. Soup is a popular and nutritious appetizer and starter. It is made from a combination of different ingredients like vegetables, meat and various spices. These ingredients are added in boiling water to form a broth. It’s a wonderful experience to enjoy a tasty potato soup, sip by sip, during the cold winter evenings.

Winter Soups for the Soul


There is nothing better than a pot of simmering soup making use of the hearty and imaginative root vegetables, dark, leafy greens, hard-shelled winter squashes, meats and grains to nourish the body and warm the soul. A few simple guidelines for preparing soups can help you use those wonderful winter selections to offer a maximum of nutrition and flavor with a minimum of effort.

Creamy Broccoli Soup


Blending broccoli creates a wonderfully satisfying, healthy and creamy soup – although this soup actually doesn’t contain any cream. Instead, it gets its great creamy texture from potatoes.

5 Tasty Cabbage Soup Recipes


The variety of cabbage known today is well beyond the ten fingers of your hands. Use whichever is available to you and you can work magic in the kitchen. There are famous soup preparations that you can try at home. These variations can help you if you want delicious soups or if you are one of the followers the cabbage soup diet.

How To Make An Old-Fashioned Beef Stew Just Like Grandma


If you long for the delicious flavors and scents that use to stream out the windows and doors of the old home place where grandma and granddad use to live and you miss all their good cooking, you can learn how to make an old-fashioned beef stew just like grandma and grandpa use to enjoy making and eating.

How to Make Stock For Soup


I have made many stocks over the years, and gradually I’ve found a method that helps me have a good stock result from my efforts. In the beginning, they were more like slightly flavored water, but now they can stand up next to the store bought stuff, without the fat and sodium.

Fish Chowder with Veggies


Nothing warms you on a chilly day like a hearty bowl of chowder, especially one that is delicious and adds extra healthfulness with fish and vegetables like carrots, celery, bell peppers, potatoes and corn.

How to Make Delicious Cream of Mushroom Soup


How to Make Delicious Cream of Mushroom Soup


Do you like to eat cream soup? Making this creamy and delicious soup is actually easy. Cream soup has heavier texture that allows it to deliver more flavors, because the broth will be stick to the tongue. This kind of meal is really perfect to warming you up after having all of your activity in a cold weather. Furthermore, adding mushroom on it will make it to be a perfect cream soup you have ever had.

Carrot-Ginger Soup Recipe


Carrot and ginger works wonders when it comes to flavor! The sweetness the carrot has and the tang of ginger is one of the best combinations you can do to a dish. Simple vegetarian recipes are not limited to one main vegetable only. You can actually combine a main ingredient to various flavoring vegetables like celery, onions, leeks, etc. Here’s a simple vegetarian recipe that will surely impress you from the moment you cook it, to the time you spoon for a taste!

Carrot Soup with Orange and Ginger


The vibrant orange color of fall is captured in this easy-to-prepare soup. The soup combines the flavor of subtly sweet carrots with the sweet, yet slightly tart taste of orange and is accented by the pungent essence of ginger.

Crock Pot – Old Fashioned Beef Stew Recipe


During the fall and winter months, I enjoy making hearty soups and stews in my crock pot for my family. I love the fact that I can spend a few minutes in the morning preparing it, put it into the slow cooker and walk away…a few hours later, our dinner is hot and ready to enjoy.

Amish Soup Recipes


Good things come to those who wait! These two Amish soup recipes do take a little time to make, but are well worth it. Each use basic ingredients which aren’t hard to find, and whole chicken.

Pork Split Pea Soup and Potato Soup, Two Old Fashion Recipes From the Midwest


In my opinion, one of the best places to get really good recipes is from the local churches and other local organizations cookbooks. When the best cooks in a community come together and share their recipes, it is always a treasure trove of mouth-watering results. So, needless to say, I have many such books in my vintage collection.

Pumpkin Soup


Pumpkin soup is such an obvious choice for a warm hearty soup on Halloween night and if you are going to have pumpkins for your lanterns, this is a good way of using up the wonderful pumpkin flesh instead of throwing it away.

A Colorful Moroccan Stew Calls for Seven Vegetables


Stewing, one of the easiest ways to cook, is used by nearly every culinary tradition, from Ireland’s basic kettle of meat, potatoes, onions and carrots to sophisticated French coq au vin and Indonesia’s fiery seafood stews. Besides turning tough meat enjoyably tender, this wet cooking method also infuses bland ingredients with flavor and lets you serve vegetables in their nutrient-rich, flavor-intensified juices.

Mouth Watering Mushroom Soup


If you love mushroom soup then this is a good recipe for you to try. Mushroom soup is one of my favorites, and if it is made properly it will taste like liquid velvet in your mouth. I hope that you will have fun making this dish and that you also enjoy the flavor combinations while eating it.

Homemade Crock Pot Vegetable Stock

fdp_Maggie Smith-soupveggies-ID-10021988

Vegetable stock is a great item to have on hand in the kitchen for flavoring many different dishes. It is great to use in soups, stews, sauces, and gravies or use it to cook rice, quinoa or beans. It is also a nice way to add flavor to steamed vegetables. Instead of steaming broccoli in water, try steaming it in vegetable broth. It gives an added flavor to a quick vegetable side dish. Another useful trick is to use vegetable broth in soups that have been thawed from the freezer if they have become too thick after being frozen.

Chilled Fruit Soup with Character


Cool and refreshing, fruit soup sounds so appealing. But in the bowl, most fruit soups turn out to be too sweet, too thin, or – when made with a wine base – too boozy.

Vegetable Soup from Scratch in 20 Minutes

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Have you noticed that popular magazines repeat the same stories, simply giving them a new slant each time? Whether advising us on how to lose weight, gain a new love or stay on a budget, this repetition is no accident. It’s because, for better or worse, the support is useful.

Butternut Squash Soup with Chicken


This traditional favorite has enhanced nutritional value by adding chicken for a wonderfully warming soup. The result is a smooth blend that is sure to satisfy your taste.

Zesty Veggie Stew over Brown Rice


A medley of vegetables characterizes this tasty and zesty dish. From the chickpeas and zucchini to the carrots, all add texture, flavor and nutritional value.

Satisfying Chicken Stew


It may be gray outside, but no matter what the weather, you can still serve up a bowl of comforting nutrition. This week’s recipe for hearty chicken stew is a seasonal favorite that makes good use of kitchen staples like carrots, onions and potatoes. Better still, leftovers can be refrigerated for a quick and delicious lunch later in the week.

Tasty Turkey Tomato Soup


In addition to being hearty and delicious, this week’s recipe for turkey soup is loaded with the cancer-fighting phytochemicals found in tomatoes, celery, carrots and onions. It also provides the perfect opportunity to use any turkey you may have left over in the freezer from the holiday season. Easy to make and packed with both flavor and nutrition, it’s a recipe that is sure to become a family favorite.

Summer Veggie Soup

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Whether they are from your garden, the farmers’ market, or the produce section of your grocer, nothing captures the smell and look of summer like fresh vegetables. This is especially true if you simmer vegetables together, allowing their aromas to be released and the different flavors to mingle.

Go Brazilian with Chicken and Black Bean Stew

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To look good in their infamously skimpy bikinis, food-loving Brazilians must watch what they eat. So it is no surprise that in her recent cookbook, The Brazilian Kitchen, Letitia Moreinos Schwartz, a Braziliera from Ipanama, offers lighter versions of popular Brazilian dishes while still giving them alluring flavor.

Homemade Chicken Soup


A must recipe for every home cook!

Diabetic Food Gifts – Tuscan Market Soup Gift Jar and/or Whole-Grain Buttermilk Bread


These diabetic food gift suggestions are so good you will want to try them yourself. The Tuscan Market Soup Gift Jar is not only pretty in presentation but tasty as well. One thing diabetics enjoy but have to be cautious about is breads. This Whole-Grain Buttermilk Bread is one they can enjoy! I like it with the soup, myself!

Mediterranean Vegetable Stew

Mediterranean Vegetable Stew

This week’s recipe contains a medley of spices and vegetables for a summer stew that’s loaded with taste and nutritional benefits. Starting with the ground clove – its uniquely warm, sweet and aromatic quality complements the chili powder’s heat – the mixture of spices create a distinctly Mediterranean flavor.

Summer Vegetable Soup

Summer Vegetable Soup

With summer heading toward its waning stages, enjoy the best of the farmers’ market or your garden by creating a tasty vegetable soup enhanced by a combination of herbs.

Tropical Coconut and Lime Turkey Soup

Tropical Coconut and Lime Turkey Soup

Creativity characterizes this week’s recipe because it takes the turkey out of the country and transports it to a tropical island. By adding tropical flavors to the traditional bird, the result is a soup that is big on taste and still maintains the nutritional value of the turkey.

Transition from Winter to Spring with this Flavorful Soup

Spring Spinach Chickpea Soup

During the change from cool to warm weather, a soup that features fresh vegetables accented by herbs can make the transition both satisfying and smooth. This week’s recipe does just that. The combination of onions, potatoes, chickpeas and spinach creates a pleasing, nutritional mixture of textures and flavors.

Bean Soup in 20 Minutes


Recycled leftovers can be delicious time savers. This week, however, we recycle a whole recipe – using its ingredients and flavors in a unique way.

Southwest Turkey Soup


There’s nothing like a meal featuring the flavors of the Southwest to warm you on a chilly day, imparting each bite with a hint of the summer sun. This week’s delicious turkey soup is a welcome and unique addition to anyone’s soup repertoire. And it is incredibly simple to prepare.

Updating a French Classic

Miso Onion Soup

March is National Women’s History Month which, for “foodies,” might mean celebrating the late, great Julia Child, the woman most often associated with bringing American cuisine to the forefront of the international food arena.

Eating The Tuscan Way

Tuscan Chickpea Soup

Unless you have been in solitary confinement for a decade, you have heard a lot about Tuscany, Italy. It has been both extolled as paradise on earth and cursed as a tourist-ridden parking lot full of either English or Americans expatriates renovating ancient villas under a glorious Tuscan sun.

A Perfect Soup

Potato and Watercress Soup with Shrimp

In classic French cooking, the kind Julia Child taught us to make during the 1960s, cream was not simply an ingredient. The more of it used the better. It was lavish amounts of cream, for example, that turned rustic and hearty leek and potato soup into vichyssoise, an elegant dish for sophisticated gourmets.