10 Suitable Foods to Eat Before Bedtime

Many women want to eat or drink something before bedtime but they are also afraid of gaining weight. There are ten kinds of food that will make you sleep better!

1. Banana

In fact, banana is a sleeping pill wrapped in a banana peel. In addition to smooth serotonin and melatonin, banana also contains magnesium which can relax muscles. You will not get weight if you eat a banana before bedtime because it’s low-calorie and rich in dietary fiber content.

2. Chrysanthemum Tea

The reason why chrysanthemum tea is the best choice of drinks before bedtime is its soft and comfortable function that promotes sleep.

3. Milk

Drinking milk before bedtime is beneficial to sleep is widely admitted. Milk contains a kind of tryptophan amino acid which can play as a sedative effect like amino acid. Drink milk before bedtime can also supply calcium for human body.

4. Honey

A small amount of glucose can stop your brain to produce eating hormone which is recently discovered a sober-related neurotransmitter. A small amount of glucose can also approximately imply the brain to secret orexin, a neurotransmitter related to thinking and reaction. Therefore, add some honey to milk is also constructive to sleep.

5. Potato

Everybody knows the tips of losing weight from eating potatoes. However, do you know that potatoes are also helpful to sleep? It can eliminate the acid that disturbs tryptophan that can induce sleep.

6. Oat

Oats, rich in N-acetyl -5 – methoxy amine, is a valuable food before bedtime. Besides the function of losing weight, oat can also induce the generation of melatonin to make your skin white.

7. Almond

Almond is rich in not only tryptophan but also magnesium, good medicine for muscle relaxation. Therefore, eat a small amount of nut which is helpful to heart health is another tip of promoting sleep.

8. Linseed

You can achieve the ideal effect of good sleep just by adding 2 spoons of linseed to the oak you want to eat before bedtime.

9. Whole Wheat Bread

If you feel hungry before bedtime, you can choose whole wheat bread, a piece of toast, tea and honey. Whole wheat can help human body to release a kind of insulin which can send tryptophan to the brain and being converted into serotonin.

10. Turkey

Every Thanksgiving day, people can enjoy undisturbed and sound sleep. Isn’t it the attribution of turkey? Turkey is regarded as the best origin of tryptophan. Therefore, add two thin slices of turkey in your whole wheat bread is a decent choice.

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