10 Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

10 Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

I want to tell you stop spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars going to the dentist office for whitening treatments. Unless you can really afford it, you should find some other safe and effective teeth whitening home remedies which cost you less. What are the possible tricks and remedies that people like you have used to keep their teeth white?

1. Drinking a Lot of Water Helps

Since 95% of your body is made of water, it is very important to keep it stay healthy. Discolored teeth is the sign of an unhealthy diet, either by eating too much bad foods or the lack of enough exercises.

2. Reduce The Red Wine That You Love

Most of people who are heavy or long time wine drinkers suffer from discolored teeth. It is because the deep color of the grapes penetrates your teeth enamel which cause it to change color.

3. Apples and Pears are Great Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

These kinds of fruits create saliva in your mouth which help cleanse off the stains on your teeth very effectively. An apple a day can definitely keep the teeth stains away.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide Can Be a Long Term Process

It is pretty well known that hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening can be a great home remedies for your teeth and keep your mouth clean. It does take a while to take significant affects on your teeth, depends on how bad your situation is.

5. Teeth Whitening Gels are Great Professional Solutions

Get your hands on some professional home teeth whitening remedies at a much more affordable price. Many people have gotten serious positive results using these whitening gel kits which in some cases even better than going to the dentist.

6. Avoid Dark Berries and Fruits

Blueberries or cranberries need to be excluded or reduced in your diets to maximize your tooth whitening benefits.

7. Coffee, Teas, and Diet Sodas are Guilty of Charge

Whether you like it or not, these drinks are huge causes which make your teeth yellow in the first place. If you want to keep your teeth white, try to avoid them at all cost.

8. Teeth Whitening at Home Mouth Trays

Another great addition to your whiten solution because mouth trays at home whitening remedies work miracle on lots of people. Simply apply the gels inside the mouth tray, place the tray on your teeth for 20 minutes a day, and you are good to go.

9. Smoking are Not Only Bad for Your Lung

Cigarettes is the number one disaster for your beautiful white teeth.

10. More Confidence and Beautiful White Smiles

You will make great first impressions around friends, families, love ones, co-workers, and others because you feel more confident and comfortable with your own smile.

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Latoya Williams

16 thoughts on “10 Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

  1. Yeah sir you are absolutely right.Tea,soda,cigarette etc are very harmful for our teeth. And I think everybody should avoid this items.

  2. It’s a little disappointing that I need to avoid some of the berries I love, but I do love apples and pears. This gives me a good reason to eat more of those, which I don’t do often enough now. I hadn’t considered that these fruits would actually help clean your teeth, but the explanation makes sense.

    Gaston Parizeau

  3. If you just eat a food, or brush your teeth, after having a food or drink that stains your teeth, is that a good alternative. I think I could probably give up those foods for a week after getting my teeth whitened, but I don’t want to have to change my whole diet. I love having a glass of red wine on the weekends with my husband, so hopefully there’s a way around that.

  4. Thanks for these teeth whitening tips. I didn’t realize that apples and pears can whiten teeth! I’ve also heard that strawberries can help, because they are so packed with vitamin C, and they help get rid of the plaque on our teeth. You’re so right though, it’s not only about fixing already stained teeth, but also about preventing more stains. Avoiding smoking makes a huge difference.

  5. Hydration affects teeth color? So, if I understand correctly, being dehydrated can color your teeth. That sounds like another good reason to drink water! 😀

  6. Thank you for sharing this information on 10 teeth whitening home remedies. I never realized that keeping active and hydrated had an effect on your teeth. I think everyone would like to have healthy teeth and a nice smile. It is important to keep them clean by brushing and flossing every day. We must also remember to visit the dentist two times a year. Thanks again!

  7. It’s definitely good to think about the natural ways of improving your teeth. Most people aren’t very inclined to think about improving their diet in order to improve other aspects of their life. Many people are just seeking a quick fix. On the other hand, the color of teeth can be more closely related to genetics than diet for some people. Professional whitening services really can be very effective. Thanks for the advice!

  8. Great tips!! Eating healthy, avoiding cigarettes, coffee, teas, and brushing & flossing your teeth daily can help you to keep the dental problems away.

  9. That’s really interesting that foods with high vitamin C content are good for whitening your teeth. It never occurred to me to rub strawberries against my teeth. I guess it couldn’t hurt since I eat them anyway. I want my teeth to be healthy and white.

  10. Having a good healthy diet is an important part of having good looking teeth. Many fruits are great for white teeth, including apples and pears as you’ve said. Water is also great. If you drink a healthy amount of water after meals that’ll clear out most foods and acids harmful to your teeth that could be leftover.

  11. Very nice tips. If you are in the tropical area, coconut fibre is also usable to clean and whiten teeth, and it is free practiced by most Asian.

  12. A food that would balance mineral and vitamin deficits in oral health should be first identified and then consumed! At the same time, the stuffs that are harmful to our dental fitness must be avoided. Nice tips on it. Appreciate!

  13. lemon peels are very useful and beneficial for our teeth, its scrubbing texture help to polish teeth texture, lemon peels are very cheap and effective for teeth.

  14. I didn’t know that drinking more water could help with teeth whitening. I did know that not eating certain things could help, but this is an interesting tip. I think I am going to try it out. Thank you for sharing.

  15. A food that would balance mineral and vitamin deficits in oral health should be first identified and then consumed! At the same time, the stuffs that are harmful to our dental fitness must be avoided. Nice tips on it. Appreciate!

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