10 Uses for Burlap Coffee Bags

Burlap Coffee Bags, while common in the industry, are actually highly sought after elsewhere. There are many uses for them. They are made of a special woven fabric called “Jute” and are primarily used by coffee farmers. But there are many other uses for these bags as well.

The burlap coffee bags often have the name of a co op or grower printed on them along with a picture. This makes them pretty unique looking and people love to use them for a variety of purposes. No bag is turned away as both new and vintage bags are valuable to their seekers.

So just what do people use burlap coffee bags for? Well, here we go!

1) They are “food grade” products which means that if you’ve got a garden you can store your harvest of dried beans in them. This is because they have a loose weave that helps air flow.

2) The interesting texture and spiffy coffee-esque pictures on these burlap coffee bags make amazing curtains that would work well in a variety of home decor styles. There is no need to have a sewing machine, but one might help!

3) Burlap coffee bags can also be an Eco-friendly option for mattress stuffing.

4) They can be used to help with roof insulation.

5) They can be used in construction for concrete curing and vehicle coverings.

6) Winter time is nothing to your shrubs when they are covered by a burlap coffee bag.

7) How about a lamp covers if your so inclined?

8) They can be burnt in smokers that beekeepers own. (They use a smoker to relax the bees before working with them.)

9) How about artistic uses? You can often find bags that are in excellent condition framed, used as wall hangings, or sold in trendy art stores.

10) What about turning them into a reusable shopping or tote bag?

You can see why they’re so valuable. If you’re interested in finding some for yourself you can start online. Both Ebay and Craigs list often have some posted. You could also try local classified ads. Oh, and don’t forget local coffee shops. Often suppliers will send bags along with their coffee to get rid of them!

If you get your burlap coffee bags online make sure the description tells you what kind of shape they are in. After all, they are an industrial item and are often damaged though wear.

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