11 Easy Ways to Recycle and Reuse Household Items


With the tons of garbage produced every day, there is a great sense of urgency to recycle. For many decades now, recycling has been used by mostly all countries in the world. It is by far the most practical solution in at least limiting the problem. However, with the constant rise of the population and the demand of products, the amount of garbage produced cannot be handled by recycling alone. What we need is further innovation. Thus, reducing the use of many things and materials as well as reusing them for other purposes are a must these days to combat the garbage problem. Here are eleven innovative ways of recycling and reusing household items to contribute to saving Earth and nature:

  • If you have a backyard or place outside with soil, you can always reuse fruit and vegetable seeds for replanting. While most of us usually just throw them in the trash, growing them can give you a supply of food without contributing to waste.
  • The shower is an effective way of wasting water. Instead of wasting a couple of gallons of water by waiting for a hot or warm shower, you can perhaps place a bucket underneath the shower to store the water and then use it for other purposes like watering the plants or cleaning the sink. This is a creative means of conservation.
  • The usual plastic bags we use are unrecyclable. While there can be a lot of other stuff that we can make out of it, it is still much better if we completely avoid using it in the future. There are other remedies out there like paper bags and baskets.
  • If you are using paper bags in groceries, do not throw them after you unpack your goods. You can use them as covers for old books and textbooks.
  • There is a lot of used school stuff in the house that your children dispose of. Used pencils, pens, and paper can be donated to schools and charity instead of putting them to trash and become part of the tons of waste for that day.
  • Yogurt and ice cream containers can also be used when they are empty. You can reuse them as storage for leftovers, candies, snacks, and others. You don’t need to immediately throw them away since they can be of great benefit when it comes to organizing your kitchen.
  • Did you ever think that the wine corks you get rid of after you open that bottle can be reused as an art? You can actually make a wine cork board to be hung on the wall. It can be used to stick pictures, notes, and reminders.
  • Metal cans anyone? Because of our craving and desire for sodas and beverages, there’s always an influx of empty metal cans inside the house. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them in many ways to make an art or something. You can use the product of your recycling effort as an artwork that can be displayed in your room or garage.
  • Even old and stained curtains can be utilized as rags for cleaning the house or the car.
  • Tissue box is also a regular item in the trash box. But before getting rid of it next time, you can perhaps use it as a mini trash box inside your car.
  • Finally, instead of throwing away old clothes, you have the ability to modify and redesign it to look new.

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