12 Hairstylists’ Tricks to Transform Fine Hair into Voluminous Mane

Apart from using fine hair products, a few tips straight from the hairstylist’s desk can make you create magic with your fine hair. First, stop complaining about your hair type and feel proud of it because you can do so much with such hair.

Tricks for Long and Fine Hair

To add natural volume, wash your hair at night and let them dry. Tie them into a loose ponytail on your crown. Sleep on like this. The next morning when you pull your hair loose, you will be stunned to see fluffiness in your roots, which will last the whole day.

To get a wavy look, wash hair at night and dry them. Tie them up in a big bun or multiple buns on the crown. The next morning when you pull out the buns, your hair strands will fall in lovely waves. Brush them only gently.

For a curly look, braid your freshly washed and dried hair overnight. Open up the braids the next morning and watch the curls appear.

Tired of the slick look and want a textured look? Keep a spray bottle filled with saltwater solution. While getting ready for an event or function, spritz this solution on your hair roots. As the water dries, the salt will adhere to the strands, rendering a bit of roughness and a voluminous fresh-from-the-beach look. Texture also comes from the hair’s own natural oils. This is possible when you do not wash the hair for 2-3 days at a stretch.

Use vitamin-rich revitalizing shampoo meant especially for fine hair. Avoid rich hair products that may weigh down your hair.

Use a voluminizing conditioner that adds volume to each strand. Apply the product only at the hair tips. Spare the roots to prevent buildup that weighs down the mane, rendering a flat look.

Avoid sticky gels and stiffening sprays. Instead, choose lifting hairsprays and fortifying mousses. Apply them sparingly though.

Flip your hair upside down and then apply hairspray at the roots for added volume.
Blow dry your hair upside down. Direct the heat to the roots. This lifts up the roots and gives you a voluminous hairstyle.

Instead of coloring your entire mane, get highlights. It renders a visual depth to the hair. Make sure to choose the right color that complements your skin tone and personality. Ask your hair stylist to help you with this.

Cut your hair up to medium or short length. Get a layered look, as it makes the hair look fuller.

If you do not wish to chop off hair, wear styles like buns, buoffants, high ponytail, and wavy layers. They give you a fuller and gorgeous look. Side-swept hair with roots lifted at the crown look fabulous.

So, it is a matter of pride to don a fine mane. Avoid excessive styling and handling, as fine hair are delicate. Just the right selection of fine hair products and a little refurbishment of your hair care system can do wonders.

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