12 Incredible Uses of Green Tea

Green Tea

Recipes and Homemade Tricks with Green Tea

In addition to its excellent properties, the uses of green tea are not limited to its preparation as an infusion. You can find out about many other green tea applications, through a variety of tricks and homemade recipes, which will be very useful. Know them.

  • Tea bath
  • Eye relief
  • Mouth cleaning
  • Tea bags
  • Incense
  • Preparation of Fish and Meat
  • Refrigerator freshener
  • Cleaning the Kitchen Table
  • Rust Prevention
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Against mosquitoes
  • Plant food

Uses of Green Tea

Camellia Sinensis is a plant with extraordinary properties that can have other uses besides being an infusion, such as:

Tea Bath

Put a handful of green tea leaves in a mesh bag, tie well and submerging it in hot water. You can also use tea bags already used; this will give a revitalizing and purifying effect.

Eye Relief

Place a used tea bag (moist and warm) over each eyelid, it can calm and refresh tired eyes; this should be between five and ten minutes a day.

Mouth Cleaning

Gargling with green tea helps fight bad breath and kills bacteria that settles in the mouth.

The natural fluoride of tea also helps to strengthen the enamel of the teeth and prevents conditions such as gingivitis. It is not necessary to use the first infusion for this use; You can enjoy the first two for the palate and boil the leaves for the third time for oral cleaning.

Tea Bags

Old green tea leaves – to make aromatic bags. For maintenance, it is recommended to refresh the bags outdoors once a week. The subtle aroma of tea promotes relaxation and helps to sleep.


Be it in the form of a bar, cone or as an essential oil; green tea has a delicate and pleasant aroma that promotes harmony and concentration. It should not be confused with the fat of the tea tree, which is indicated for other uses, as it is rem, disinfectant.

Preparation of Fish and Meat

If it with tea before frying, the strong odor of the fish is reduced, in addition to eliminating the bacteria. There is the reason why Japanese people drink tea with sushi or sashimi, raw fish.

Also, when cooking pork in tea – including the leaves – the level of fats and cholesterol in the meat is reduced.

Refrigerator Freshener

A bag of green tea leaves – helps to eliminate the bad odors that sometimes occur in refrigerators.

However, the refrigerator is not a right place to store tea for consumption, since its delicate aroma can with the smells of other foods.

Cleaning the Kitchen Table

A common problem of the wood on which we cut the food is that, especially with meat and fish, it is difficult to eliminate the smell, which persists even after washing the board with soap and water.

Green tea is beneficial in these cases: once used the wood can be rubbed with wet layer of leaves for a few minutes. Then the leaves are removed and rinsed with water. On the other hand, the tea liquor also serves to clean kitchen tables and other utensils.

Rust Prevention

One of the secrets of oriental cooks is to rub the pots and pans to prevent oxidation of cooking utensils since the tannin in the tea sticks to the steel creating a thin protective film on the surface.

Carpet Cleaning

Since tea can absorb unpleasant odors, we can use to deodorize and remove bacteria from carpets.

Before vacuuming, sprinkle the surface with jasmine green tea leaves and let it rest for a few minutes. All you have to do next is vacuum normally.

Against Mosquitoes

Burnt tea leaves scare away mosquitoes, what you can do is put some dried leaves in an incense burner and light them to smoke for a few minutes.

Plant Food

The tea used is an excellent fertilizer for all types of plants, since it has valuable organic nutrients. Even if we use sachets, we can bury them between the pots.

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